Saturday, 29 June 2013


"Yea, we wept"
Year:  2011
Country: US
Artist:  Joseph Gates
Label:  not on label
Format:  net
Tracks:  3
Time:  62 minutes
Style:  Harsh Noise Wall

This is the second HNW-Questionary. I am proud, that Joseph Gates contributes to the HNW-Q, because he is one of the deepest, innovative, passionate, poetic and most versatile artist in the field of HNW and Sound-Art. He works in several different projects like Zionist, Vargrwulf, Peiiste (together with Bast), Reptilian Sexual Predator (together with Bast) or the deeply respected Noise-Art-Collective Black Leather Jesus to name only a few. But he also runs the best Noise-Art-Label on the planet called Human Ignorance well known for its beautiful designed, carefully chosen and deeply personal, challenging and always touching releases.  Joseph Gates was already featured on my blog with his groundbreaking HNW-composition Release in 2011. A review of his latest Zionist release entitled Hagalaz is in the works for 2012, because it is one of the best HNW releases this year. So don't miss this great composition, if you are a true HNW-enthusiast ! And please take a look at Joseph Gates' blog!    The HNW-Questionary consists of 32 phrases to be completed in a playful, insightful, poetic, prolific and philosophical manner. The featured artist decides, which phrases he wants to accomplish. It is the task for the reader to perceive the voids and to think about the subtle interactions between Being and Nothingness, which are also important ingredients of the HNW-Artform. But, it is always important to see and hear, what someone is saying and what he is not saying.   The idea of the whole feature is to help the few real HNW-Artists to show and establish themselves as leading artists and to give them an encyclopedic space for their aesthetic and artistic convictions, conceptions and beliefs. It is a space to publish serious, original and important thoughts and ideas for the future of HNW as an important artform.     It is first of all exclusively for leading musicians, but in the future painters, writers and philosophers could also be invited to contribute to the seriousness of HNW and to the interrelatedness of HNW with other artforms. Maybe one day I will fill out this Questionary myself. I have several completed versions of it in the upper drawer of my mind. (*NOTE* this text is an extract of the good "Noise Admiration", thanks).... HARSH NOISE WALL
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