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"Pink House Transmission"
Year:   2014
Country:   France
City:   Paris
Label:   Ink Runs rec.
Format:   net
Tracks:   1
Time:   20 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Ambient Noise Wall

Tribute to Ray Johnson based in only one strong and solid track of ambient noise wall. High quality.
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"The ruined castle"
Year:    2014
Country:    France
City:    Paris
Label:    Ink runs rec.
Format:    CD
Edition:    10 copies
Tracks:    1
Time:    20 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:       Ambient Noise Wall

"Sadistic Fall" is yet another project from Ink Runs Recordings JULIEN SKROBEK. This one is another harsh noise wall release in the vein of some of Skrobek’s earlier output as Ghost and Ruine. Sadistic Fall has had a couple of different albums now; this one features a 20-odd minute track that rarely changes from its staccato pulse. The Ruined Castle is made up of a couple different textures. There’s a roiling bass background that moves forward steadily, somewhat faster than middling speed. On top of that is a crunchy crackle of static, somewhere between the spitting of a fire and the crushing of leaves. The pairing is quite effective as a wall, with a lot to focus on in both foreground and background. The minimal layering is similar to other HNW output, but there’s a tendency for The Ruined Castle‘s generally stoic sound to change the static patterning, at least in some small part. There are some surges of crackle, some portions that seem a bit less spaced out – that’s where the draw lies. As stated before, this project release feels more akin to Skrobek’s earlier projects than his latest output with other monikers. This is rather unchanging and predictable, yet subtle movements keep the sound lurching forward throughout the runtime. For fans of his work, this is a rewarding listen from yet another Skrobek project.
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"Apartment therapy"
Year:   2014
Country:   France
City:   Paris
Artist:   Julien Skrobek
Label:   Dream Noise rec.
Format:   net
Tracks:   3
Time:   14 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     HNW      ANW

NOISE project started by Julien SK from Paris (France). His style is a balance between HNW and landscapes and textures more Drone / Ambient oriented. But the element more surprising and original of STATIC PARK, is that mix between noise storms with instruments totally differents such as: Rap bases and drums, acoustic guitar, metallic bells, etc. These experiments become STATIC PARK in a original and totally unusual noise project. The artist is also talented to make paintigs, drawings and skateboard designs and write his own musical blog with interviews, reviews, contacts, etc.
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"Nous irons plus loin... sans avancer jamais"
Year:   2012
Country:   France
City:   Paris
Artist:   Julien Skrobek
Label:   Slow death records
Format:   CD in a DVD box
Tracks:   4
Time:   40 minutes
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Ambient Noise Wall

As promised here is the second CD of French project RUINE aka Julien Skrobek, but this time does not only boasts an aggressive, violent and devastating HNW (which also does, in the second and fourth tracks, 10 minutes long each approximately one), but the other two tracks are great songs 2 super inspired and made ​​of very slowed AMBIENT NOISE WALL totally atmospheric and enveloping. Both styles have almost the same shape, the same wrapping (a wall of noise) but with an opposite proportion and intention: One, the first (HNW) is grating, exciting and exacerbated and 2, the second induces meditation, reflection and rest, both physical and spiritual. Anyway this French artist to whom nobody knows, it demonstrates his mastery on each disk when high-flying quietly. For this occasion the cover was also a strange and disconcerting and accompanied both came from a small booklet with texts and poems of Guillaume Apollinaire. The box was kind and DVD edition of only 24 copies. High Recommended. Excellent.
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"Des araignees cherchent mon coeur"
Year:   2011
Country:   France
City:   Paris
Artist:   Julien Skrobek
Label:   Slow Death records
Format:   CD
Edition:   15 copies
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Ambient Noise Wall

Bajo este pseudonimo se esconde un artista frances llamado Julien Skrobek que gestiona su propio label "DEATH SLOWLY RECS" (con el que edita punk, grindcore, noise, etc) y edita trabajos bajo 3 nombres distintos: Ghost, Figures Of Solitude y The Sandman Wears A Mask. En esta ocasion nos presenta un CD de 40 minutos de HARSH NOISE WALL sin concesiones de ningun tipo, no hay tregua, totalmente estatico y sin cambios, almenos, perceptibles por el oido humano corriente y moliente. De este se hicieron tan solo 24 copias y la presentacion y estuche fueron muy muy austeros.
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Year:   2011
Country:   France
City:   Paris
Artist:   Julien Skrobek & Alois Richter
Label:   Slow Death rec.
Format:   CD
Edition:   15 copies
Tracks:   5
Time:   50 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Harsh Noise Wall

The Sandman Wears a Mask is a collaboration between Ghost and Alois Richter, two Slow Death label artists who craft their fear of sleep into harsh noise walls. On this release, six tracks of untitled walls feature field recordings shifted and sourced into static noise. Some sound more apparent than others, but the hour of walls on this disc are some of the most rewarding I’ve heard.

First is a windy track from the duo, which sounds sourced from various buffets of stormy winds. There’s a bass line of generic  static crumbles that is punctuated with blasts of howling swirls that punch through the static at various and anti-rhythmic times. This track feels constantly changing, with each monstrous shriek of wind pointedly off-kilter and random. It’s a shorter length compared to some of the longer walls on the disc, but it’s one that hits the listener hard immediately.

Track two starts off with a fast-paced crunch of static, although the real draw of the track starts to kick in once the listener begins to hear the sputtering and spattering of a water-based bubble beneath the hardened static exterior. If the first track was wind, this one’s most certainly water, and the collusion of the boiling and the static makes for an intricate, textured listen. Again, The Sandman Wears a Mask are able to incorporate a sense of movement by using decidedly organic features of the wall’s sound.

A low end of static purrs out of the third cut, at first just a bit of white noise to juxtapose the earlier tracks’ intense connectability. Like the first, faint shards of rearing static can be heard underneath the main texture, although this one takes a more relaxed approach for its short track length. It’s somewhat fitting, too, that this comes in the middle of the disc; it’s a softer wall perfect for white noise, and it segues nicely into number four.

Four maintains the sort of pared back static of three, a sort of muffled rainstorm with the same sort of wind whipping back in and out of the pounding static. The source on this sounds deeper, with more rumble and less space between the crackles of static. In that sheet of rain-noise comes pulsations of sound from the depths, a monster’s roar or that of a jet engine cutting through the sky. As we see with most of the walls, the construction of the texture has a lot to do with sounds bubbling up from the depths, surprise visits from the sandman himself.

Untitled five picks up with some hi-fi, swiftly moving fuzz, not so much static anymore but an onslaught of flamethrower-like crunching that judders and dips along at a frenzied pace. Consistently changing in its approach, this almost resembles a harsh noise track with its clipping pace, and although it’s a fairly big change from the quadruple harsh noise walls of Untitled, the piece is finely honed and mammoth in its fuzz.

And then a fantastic transition to the last track, which picks up the sort of crunchy static wallers desire. Very standard in its approach, the final track brings the listener back to the roots of The Sandman Wears a Mask, where the sources aren’t as evident as the earlier tracks and the wall obliterates much of the background drama with an immense static eruption. There’s not a lot that tries to bubble up underneath this; instead, it’s a fairly straightforward wall that rages for almost twenty minutes. I’d argue that the length is a little too stretched here, giving far too great a value to the somewhat pedantic sound.

But this is a wonderful piece of work, with over an hour of high quality walls on display. Rich in textures and subtle undertones, but dense in its static underpinnings, The Sandman Wears a Mask effectively meld their sound sources with great walls, and like the last album on Slow Death, the artists are certainly invigorating the harsh noise wall genre.
(*NOTE: this huge review is was extracted from HERE ).
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