Wednesday, 31 July 2013


"Wall 000032"
Year:   2013
Country:  US
Artist: ?
Label:  none
Format:   net
Tracks:  1
Time:  30  min.
Style:    Ambient  Noise  Wall

If today, if currently there is still someone on Earth who doubts the veracity, authenticity and the marked difference in the so-called Ambient Noise Wall and style with its own characteristics and its characteristics markedly original and unique. We certainly have not heard the album "000032" Anonymous WALLS, a project as well the name says it is completely anonymous, no one knows who he is or where he lives, or whether it is male or female or if you like more than one type of music or another. The only thing we know about him is what we have right in front of the nose a few discs brutal Harsh Noise Wall and a few disks hypnotizing, warm and charming atmosphere Noise Wall. But do not forget that these two styles, although options may seem sometimes antagonistic and hostile, are not at all. Rather, they are two styles brothers can not live without each other. In the case before us now, called the most austere, dry and severe that a person can think of: "000032", the wall of noise is terribly heavy and cumbersome ferragós, and that the condemned should probs drag ... can not with him Noise is so, so, so slow and so it really seems impossible that a man with his own hands the flesh and distortion pedals rudimentary and simple, being able to slow down so the noise ... My God is a kind 'end of the "do not ever especial .... lasts forever. I am a passionate and dedicated to 100% of ANW and I must confess that these endless and lengthy 30 minutes of slow morbid, hyper-trophy and extremely over-weight noise .... I enjoyed it very much .... AMBIENT NOISE WALL
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