Monday, 1 July 2013


Dead Body Collection + Vomir
Year:   2010
Country:   Serbia , France
City:   Belgrade , Montpellier
Artist:   Aleksander Nenad , Romain Perrot
Label:   RONF rec.
Format:   CD
Edition:   67 copies
Tracks:  2
Time:   25 min.
Style:       Harsh Noise Wall

It´s time for me to pay attention on DEAD BODY COLLECTION and to try to explain my perception. After check out the bandcamp of this prolific artist from Serbia, I decided to choose this split because it was made and distribute by an spanish label which nowadays and sadly is almost inactive, RONF Records. Sincerely my favourite DBC act is its split with SVARTVIT (anybody remember the red tape?) but this release here is not bad at all. Firstly I have to say I like very much the physical presentation (DVD box, artwork, etc.) which is totally professional and well done and besides is far from gore aesthetics, which I respect but I don´t like. Strictly musical there are 2 long tracks (40 minutes each one) by DBC and VOMIR, and If I must to choose my favourite I prefer the serbian project. The style is exactly the same, an static, no-dynamic and almost dead HNW, but the fine textures my ears can percive are different between one project than the other. If you never heard DBC I recommend you to begin with 2 recordings, this split here with VOMIR and another split with SVARTVIT from Netherlands. I think there is no left physical copies but If someone is interested in get it on mp3 format you can go  HERE .
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