Monday, 15 July 2013


"Explosion of the red giant"
Year:   2013
Country:  US
Artist:  Justin Palmieri
Label:   self-released
Tracks:  1
Time:  15 min.
Style:    Ambient   Noise   Wall

Cold, ambient music from space. Minimalistic and bleak and just what you would expect from Misspelled. This is a tune to get lost in. ... a journey in the deep soundscape called i AM ESPER. ... and the instrumentation of a much-loved subgenre of Ambient music. A timeless space of harmonics and subtle drones await those who enter the here. Improvised Drone Ambient From The USA Created with Effects Treated Electric Baritone Guitar & Field Recordings, With Influences Ranging From Doom To Black Metal, Noise, Post Rock & Shoegaze.... i AM esper is improvised mostly guitar-based drone ambient from the USA with influences ranging from black metal, doom metal, noise and post rock. Founded in 2009 by Justin Palmieri as a solo project. Justin started recording lofi experiments in an attic where he lived, using borrowed and found equipment. Early 2010, Justin decided use electric baritone guitar as the main tool for his sound sources. The Project has released many tapes and cdrs since 2010 on various underground labels  In April, 2012 i AM esper played it's first ever live show to a small audience in the project's homebase of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Justin Matthew Mooney Joined the project for the performance, playing live electronics. There is a possibility of more live shows in the future.
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