Thursday, 25 July 2013


Year:   2013
Country:   Russia
City:   Perm (Urals)
Artist:    Dimtry
Label:   Bad Snuff
Format:   CD
Edition:  5 copies
Tracks:   3
Time:   33 min.
Style:            ambient noise wall

After to have listen to almost its discography I arrive to conclusion that this is my favourite Schwargleis album. Perfect balance between noise in little doses and drone / ambient not excessive slow or boring. Both styles coexists in a perfect harmony and the fact there are very few changes is a positive element which contributes to keep this harmony and this "soft" noise. It´s very amazing to see the "normal" musicians or the "normal" people to speak about noise as a something annoying, irritating and disturbing, and in this our scene the artists get to dominate the noise and become it in a docile and obedient animal, which behave well and appears as a very fine frames of noise. I usually don´t like much pure ambient or drone but when these 2 styles appears accomanied for noise the result is simply awesome and amazing. I imagine the physical edition of this work was very limited but you can downloaded without problem, is very reccomended to listen to this abum at least 3 or 4 times, very good.... atmospheric lo-fi noise. 
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Here below the city of Perm (Urals), the limit between Europe and Asia.