Friday, 19 July 2013


"Bloody line"
Year:   2013
Country:   Russia
City:   Kemerovo , Siberia
Artist:   Ivan Sandakov
Label:   Tales About Nothing rec.
Format:   net
Tracks:   2
Time:   20 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:       Harsh Noise Wall

After to listen to many times the Sleep Column´s works, I fortunately have found one which I like very much. Many of you perhaps to ask you your selves why this work and not the rest, because the style is almost the same: harsh noise wall. Even not me, I am not sure why but this EP "bloody line" has the ingredients to get harsh noise wall become hypnotizing, relaxing and reassuring. For my personal musical taste, the most of Sleep Column works goes too fast and the frequencies are too high, but in this "bloody line" Sandakov seems to put the brake and slow down the machine and, about strictily sound, it seems also to get a sort of frequencies more grave, a sound more deep. We don´t deal about ambient noise wall disc, but there are a lot of similarities, a lot of points in common and I think the same intentions: not to do irritate the listener but the opposite, surround him in a very dense frame of sound which (in my opinion) it remember the flames of the fire. Luckily is probably the best Sleep Column album but unfortunately is also the shortest. In Spain it exist a popular sentence that say more or less: "the better, is always the shortest". The Sleep Column is already a mature project with 4 years of experience on the back and a lot of split editions with bands over the world such as: Inanition, Abyzm, To-Bo, Vlad Shegal, Vomir, Yura Gorodezkii, Phanyasm Nocturnes, Beuteuaffen, Noise Machine and very long etcetera. Besides, the artist runs a blogsite and 2 labels  "Wall Noise Action" and "Dead Fields" which to edite his own stuff but also to promote another bands from Russia and other countries.
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