Saturday, 10 August 2013


Year:  2013
Country:  Belarus
City:  Minsk
Artist:  Vladislav Avramenko
Label:  Tales about nothing
Format:  net
Tracks:  7
Time:  22
Style:    Ambient    Noise

A very new project from Belarus that its first editin is from 2012 but not for this reason we are in front amateur disc at all. In opposite, we can to listen to how an artist who is at the beggining of his musical career. demonstrate us his very good taste strictly musical and also his habilty at time to make electronic noise totally "controlled" and "moderate". So, in the review we have prefer to describe these sounds as a noise / ambient beacause there is nothing dark / black at all. Is just a serial of little noises inside a cold and isolated atmosphere. Personally I dislike a lot this cover for the album, I think is poor and nothing to say, but is essential to say that this cover is very injustice with the music we can to find inside. Instead this artist is still very unknown and probably with a very little promotion and distribution, his music, sounds or noises have a very high quality level. I read somewhere Vladislav Avramenko has also 2 another b-side projects: If Now, Noizy Organ and the noise-core band MOTS. Apart he has also his own independent label named: "Rubber Johnny Records".
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Here below you can see the center of Minsk (Belarus).

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