Tuesday, 17 September 2013


"Foutre aveugle"
Year:  2013
Country:  France
Region:    Bretagne
Artist:    Gregory Henrion
Label:    Groto X Records
Format:    CD
Edition:    20 copies 
Tracks:    14
Time:    124 minutes
Style:        Harsh Noise Wall

NOISE project led by a young experimental musician called Gregory Henrion, from Bretagne (north of France) since 2009 has continued to record albums of more crude, rude, raw and ruthless harsh noise wall on a long list of different names: Bordel Noir, Whore Loki Void, Askell Groc ‘hen, Vitriol Zero, Lhyena, Nude If Muore, Younx Grounich, Mutoyd Z’otz… all delivered in total Underground and extremly limited editions (some ones of only 10 copies). All this creative material (audio) needed a tool to pull it off and he created his own little label “Grotto X records” to make CDs and cassettes. “Bordel Noir” disappeared in 2012 but its head is currently creativity in his new project: “Younx Grounioch”. About underground labels Bördel Noïr worked with: Anarcho Freaks Prod., Underground Pollution, Toxic Industries,  Dead Audio Tapes, Slow Death Records, Spider Tapes, Absence Tapes and of course Grotto X Records. Here we made a kind of compilation with youtube´s tracks, mp3, lost tracks, etc. and finally we got a very good recording which show the particular HNW of Bördel Noïr: dark, obscure and blackened. His artist is currently active in Younx Grounich and play an style very similar to B.N.
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