Saturday, 12 October 2013

"A tender moment"
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Label: Doministiku
Format: net
Tracks: 1
Time: 22 min.
Style: Experimental Noise

2 veterans of Noise Scene and Musique Concrète Scene thogether to make another great recording of all the best of non-music. It contists in one just track 22 minuts, but there are parts and fragments to show us their hability to time to make: Harsh Noise, Ambient, Field Recordings, Vocals Manipulations, Applauses, deconstruction of recordings, strange sounds, little noises, etc. It's no bored not at all, just contraire, is not the typical digital noise no-dynamic and no-energic, no. Here, fortunately, there are a lot of contrasts, changes, differents frequencys, differents volums, etc. A work made with the brain and not with the computer for laughing 10 minutes. I applause this work very hard. Ah! there is no cover on the disc (?) so, we have put a painting of Antoni Tàpies we hope you like it. Good recording. EXPERIMENTAL

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