Saturday, 12 October 2013


"Life at 2​.​4 cm​/​s"
Year:    2013
Country:    UK
City:    Norfolk
Artist:    Michael Ridge
Format:    cassette
Tracks:    2
Time:    30 min.
Genre:    electronic  ,  acoustic
Style:            Sound Collage           Field Recordings

In abstract musical terms, think of this man as a Barbarian warlord with a laptop. Now, not just a simple barbarian, but among the leading ranks. The man has to be clever and somewhat capable of executing strategy, even if it’s only to steer the ravenous hoard in the next direction. He knows what to do with what he has at his disposal, and he does it well. What he has is a freeware synth and a disposition that makes that code sing some icy songs. The work he puts into his ample pallet of sound is enticingly different , and yet he reminds the listener who’s in charge, just who drew up the scene with sound with his own brittish flare. Do think fire here. The way this man roars his consonants together is very special, abstract, amazing, funny, but at times when the song needs to be truly made, even somewhat intellectual. But in bref, for me is that kind of music where you can see a normal man (or woman) to enjoy making experiments with strange sounds and noises. Soundcollage? Tapes manipulation? Experimental? threre are many adjectives to describe it, the question is... this is good. Artwork by Michael Ridge. Recorded between 19/08/13 and 22/08/13. At the basement studio in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. Sound Sources: Springboard, violin bow, harmonica, toilet, whistle, DVD & CD player, telephone pick-up coil, Boss Delay pedal and compact cassette player. Michael Ridge run also another b-side projects such as: Zebra Mu, Acerbitas, Quagga Curious Sounds, etc.
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Year:    2012
Country:    UK
City:    Norwich
Artist:    Michael Ridge
Label:  none
Edition:    17 copies
Format:    cassette
Tracks:    1
Time:    29 min.
Style:            Harsh  noise  wall

This is his British take on the HNW. It was self-released in an edition of 17 last year. I got my copy from the man himself. No point in me and 16 other people being the only people getting to hear this. Long time frequenters of this space will have delighted in (kickstarter and blog virus inflictor) J's association with Mike which led to J's posts of Mike's DIY "Quagga Curious Sounds" label and Mike's "Zebra Mu" project. It was J's post of the Quagga Sound that brought me to the original incarnation of this blog...which led to me talking to J...which led to me getting involved...which led to me doing what I have ended up doing here... If it wasn't for Mike, this blog wouldn't exist anymore.  Seriously. Michael Ridge . Profile: Experimental noise and performance project of UK artist Michael Ridge who plays: noise, experimental,field recordings, ambient, drone, etc... Michael also runs the DIY noise label "Quagga Curious Sounds".
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