Monday, 7 October 2013


Jakob Palmer + Andreas Brandaal
Year:   2011
Country:   Canada , Norway
Label:   Art As Intent
Format:    net
Tracks:   1
Time:    120 min.
Style:     HNW      ANW

The Norwegian painter, writter and musician: Andreass Brandaal made ​​this CD next to canadian Alex Palmer (musician in Remlap, Jake Vida,) . While in the past we have explicitly give birth " Harsh NOISE WALL " to steal money , energy and time in your life ... Here is an example of how to do a wall of noise and every 4 or 5 seconds to add or remove a layer of noise , add or remove effects ... very soft , almost impercpible by ear but little by little they are doing some kind of links. Not a solitary monolithic wall of noise, but that noise walls are several that were happening gradually and slowly intertwined with intermittent silences if necessary . With small volume changes , now playing for the left speaker ... for right now so you spend two hours EXPERIMENTAL NOISE . One of the few records of this style saved from burning ... and some of this RICHARD RAMIREZ or THE RITA , a few more ... To enjoy the violent and destructive noise! The nuclear disaster has arrived!! with just a glance ! aaaaarrrgghh! EXCELLENT  ALBUM     10 / 10
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Like another noise musicians ANDREAS BRANDAL has also awesome paintings.