Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Year:    2012
Country:    Ukraine
City:    Kiev
Artist:    ?
Label:    Freak Frinedly DIY
Format:    CD
Edition:    100 copies
Packagin:    luxurious booklet with 6 cardboard pages
Genre:    rock
Style:          Doom          Noise

Once, many years ago , one could read in the newspaper an interview with the manager of the punk band Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren, his favorite line to succeed to a rock band was " everyone should speak the band, if to curse the better. " We believe this strategy or business Malcom Mc Claren tactic was later used in many rock bands , some successful and some not. ForSCHPERRUNG  seems to have happened a little something like , I mean what the tactic Mc Claren , but in this case there is no Sid Vicious " real" Nancy Spugnen not a "real" . Behind SCHPERRUNG not have a mentally disturbed fan of Satanism or Nazism, or the 2 things together. No. Here is a guy who grew up listening to noise-pop , shoegaze and indie -rock and currently has risked the proposal to experiment with extreme musical styles such as harsh noise , industrial or black- metal. And the result ( if a bit odd ) is quite satisfactory. Musically is a little hard to listen to it. About lyrics, demon, satan, devils, angels, etc... I personally do not see the point , but I think this aspect it's not very important in the album.
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Imagen de Schperrung

Here below you can see a detail of the city of Kiev (Ukraine).