Sunday, 13 October 2013


Year: 20
Country: Italy
City: Naples
Artist: Francesco
Label: no
Format: net
Tracks: 1
Time: 26 min.
Genre: electronic
Style: HNW

"Makes me feel like i've bored a hole into the center of the earth with my teeth!" says one friend close to this Starving Weirdo's alter-ego band. Self described as "Dune Rock" & coming from the deserts of Manila, California; this is a band very influenced by it's surroundings. Slow motion metalic riffs ring throughout the entire 50 minutes of the debut album, laying the founding for waves of rolling synth lines and sporadic clangings echoing in the distance, presumably a shamanic attempt at drums but too lost in a trance to muster any concrete tempo or rhythmn. Album of the year for me, what about you?
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