Friday, 18 October 2013


"Mancuerda  Confessions"
Year:    2013
Country:    US
Artist:    Kyle Carney & Robert Kozletsky
Label:     none
Format:    CD
Tracks:    9
Time:    72 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Industrial

Founded some time during 2010, SHOCK FRONTIER  is the brainchild of Psychomanteum’s Robert Kozletski. Born from an increasing interest in harsher industrial sounds, and aided by long time friend Kyle Carney (Defiantly Fading), "Mancuerda confessions" is an expertly composed and finely honed collection of shape shifting, nightmarish emissions and radioactive tonalities, drawing inspiration from some of the early death industrial pioneers, but adding an unique, densely layered and atmospheric style. This is a soundtrack to a world that ends not in a cataclysmic, fiery fashion, but one that slowly decays and rots into oblivion, where swathes of ghostly textures, samples, and disembodied noises morph into murky ambient realms, and caustic frequency reverberations pierce through a bleak, post-apocalyptic haze. After 19 years in existence, it’s arguable that a definitive Malignant sound exists, but if it does, Shock Frontier has managed to come awfully close to capturing it with Mancuerda Confessions. A must for fans of Megaptera, Steel Hook Prostheses, Soldnergeist, and the early CMI sound. In 6 panel eco-wallet, designed by Brian Vdp, and mastered by John Stillings/Steel Hook Audio. An excellent work no doubt. Maybe is one of the best 10 albums of 2013 in my personal discs list.
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Year:    2010
Country:    US
Artist:    Kyle Carne
Label:    Snowy Tension Pole
Format:    net
Tracks:    11
Time:    45 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:             Power Noise

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