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"Flaunt it"
Year:    1986
Country:    UK
City:    London
Artist:    Tony James & Neal X
Label:    EMI
Format:    CD , LP
Tracks:    9
Time:    42 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:             Synth-Pop             Industrial

Sigue Sigue Sputnik were a British band formed in 1982 by Tony James, ex-bassist of punk-rock band: Generation X. (whose singer was Billy Idol). The band had three UK Top 40 hit singles, including the song "Love Missile F1-11". The themes and imagery in the band's songs were often influenced by futuristic, dystopian or post-apocalyptic films such as "Blade Runner",  "Terminator" and the "Mad Max" trilogy. Visually, their image included fishnet masks and brightly coloured wigs. The band's music, image and inspiration also mashed together a range of other pop culture influences, including former Tronics member Zarjaz and electronica influences of electronic sound of Suicide and the proto-punk of New York Dolls. This is as far their best famous album ever and in 1986 all young people knew the single "Love missile". It as a mix with synth-pop, electronica and rock´r´roll from the 50´s.
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"Dress for excess"
Year:    1988
Country:    UK
City:    London
Artist:    Tony James & Neal X
Label:   EMI
Format:   CD , LP
Tracks:   10
Time:    40 min.
Genre:    electronic , rock
Style:                Synth-Pop              Industrial

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"Pirate space"
Year:    2001
Country:    UK
City:    London
Artist:    Tony James & Neal X
Label:    Sputnikworld
Format:    CD
Tracks:    11
Time:   45 min.
Genre:     electronic , rock
Style:              Synth-Pop            Industrial

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"Blak Elvis versus
The Kings of Rock´n´Roll"
Year:   2002
Country:    UK
City:    London
Artist:    Tony James & Neal X
Label:    Sputnik world Records
Format:    CD
Tracks:    11
Time:   45 min.
Genre:    electronic , rock
Style:                Synth Pop               Industrial

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"Ultra Real"
Year:    2003
Country:    UK
City:    London
Artist:    Tony James & Neal X
Label:    Sigue sputnik world
Format:    CD
Tracks:    10
Time:    42 min.
Genre:    electronic , rock
Style:             Synth-Pop                Industrial

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 "Ray of light"
Year:  2007
Country:  UK
City:  London
Label:  Cleopatra
Format:  CD
Tracks:  13
Time:  52 min.
Genre:  electronic , rock
Style:              Industrial             Synth Pop

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Year:    2011
Country:    UK
City:    London
Label:    none (unofficial release)
Format:    digital
Tracks:    11
Time:    44 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:                  Industrial               Synth Pop

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