Wednesday, 23 October 2013


"Skärva / Oroa"
Year:    1998
Country:    Germany
City:    Bremen
Artist:    Lutz Pruditsch
Label:    Drone rec.
Format:    EP
Tracks:    2
Time:    17 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:             Drone            Ambient

"First full-lenght E.P. of a quite unknown German project, which only appeared on 3 ½ cassettes so far and on a split-7" with DEEP. TARKATAK uses synths and other electronic devices, the music is slow & dull, non-impulsive and dream-like. Very low rumblings, dark harmonies, some subliminal & dense backwards-effects, this is sensible "archaic music" which could be easily compared to old Zoviet France and the likes. Another Mind-Drone. If you're able to go into the sound, the sound will pulsate in YOU and have effects for a long time...  black, [was impossible to press this music on coloured vinyl!!], Brown hand-coloured and stamped covers, each one with two "strings". I can just tell that I knew for the first time TARKATAK in a split next to also german musician Anemone Tube and my impression was frankly good. Some time after I searched for more TARKATAK music and I found this quiet two tracks EP on "Drone Records". Just 17 minutes but anyway very good stuff.
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