Saturday, 12 October 2013


"Ballet feet positions"
Year:    2014
Country:    Canada
City:    Vancouver
Artist:    Sam Mckinlay
Label:    Elettronica radicale edizioni
Format:    CD + booklet
Tracks:    2Time:    50 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:               Ambient Noise Wall

THE RITA’s new full length work is a complex work of obsessive research on discipline, elite beauty and suffering in the world of Ballet. The first of 2 lengthy tracks slowly builds up over-the-top ambient noise wall that brings Sam McKinlay’s classic trademark that crowned him as the godfather of harsh noise wall, with a monolithic build up of violence and intensity. The second track is an industrial rework of the the same sounds executed by Insubria that mixed all material with analogue sounds and underlining different possibilities of textural processing. The original sound sources are from Vancouver's Kelly Davis, who rigorously went through various feet positions and movements of classical ballet while a Traumatone contact microphone was rigged with a knee support brace to the side of her knee / thigh to capture the sounds of any hint of movement. McKinlay finds that the totemic fetishism and the subtle resonances of the female voice as they describe the topics help to bury the listener into all that is woman, especially as the samples shift into the symmetry of a female dancer’s recorded movement.
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"Self Shop"
Year:  2013
Country:  Canada
Artist:    Sam Mc Kinlay
Label:    Nil By Mouth Recordings
Format:    cassette
Edition:   180 copies
Tracks:    2
Time:   20  min.

Genre:  electronic
Style:        ANW        HNW

One of the last works of Canadian Sam Mc Kinlay is this split together with Caligula 031. Sam Mc Kinlay not innovate anything, do not experiment with anything new, or surprise us with anything. But really: why? Why should I do anything really new if your particular mix of HNW and ANW is so fortunate and wise? for any reason. So what we are always: The Rita. From the late 90s The Rita with her musical style (?) And aesthetics of "eroticism moderate" has worked perfectly with a small public course, but true. Maybe we do not dare to say this is the best album of all your hyper long career, but amply satisfactory.
Special package with 2 large inserts and 1 high-knee sock (available in black, caramel, blue, grey or white).

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"Eyeliner into nylon back seam"
Year:    2012
Country:    Canada
City:    Vancouver
Artist:    Sam Mckinlay
Label:    Sickcore rec.
Format:    CD
Edition:    250 copies
Tracks:    1
Time:    40 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:         Harsh Noise Wall

If harsh noise wall could be a name, the first name comes to mind is Sam McKinay and his solid project THE RITA. Despite some recordings are too fast for my personal musical taste, he use to make HNW with a kind od "medium" tempo, a little bit near to ANW. Anyway the most of his works are a true, opaque and solid mure of noise non-static but minmum dynamic, sometimes even with few modulated or distorted human voices. We are in front an only one track 40 minutes of petrified harsh noise wall. Nothing more. To mention also the awesome artwork and digipack designed by the russian label "Sickcore Records" which it seem wanted to have a THE RITA release in its catalogue and here we is. If you an buy a hysical copie you can to wrie HERE .
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"Flapper influence from french prostitutes"
Year:  2005
Country:  Canada
City:  Vancouver
Label:   Monorail trespassing ‎rec.
Format:  cassette
Edition:  50 copies
Tracks:  2
Time:  40 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:        Harsh Noise Wall

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"Leopard skin"
Year:   2008
Country:   Canada
City:   Vancouver
Artist:   Sam Mckinlay
Format:   cassette
Tracks:   4
Time:   40 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Harsh Noise Wall