Thursday, 14 November 2013


Year:    2011
Country:    France
City:    Paris
Label:    Citizen
Format:    CD
Tracks:    12
Time:    60 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Electro

The story of Teenage Bad Girl due in 2004, lorsque Guillaume Manbell decides to publish the music that he creates for the intermédiaire of a label that went on, Archibell Records. There will be a maxi composite of 4 titres nommé It's Been Too Long sous le pseudo Alyoa. Then, after joining Greg Kazubski on the Internet, he was expanding his creations via the logiciel Soulseek2, which is what the duo gave him. Greg Kazubski remixera a morceau de Guillaume that will emerge from another maxi, toujours entitled It's Been Too Long, accompanied by a remix of Lifelike. The group will take shape later, and will be inspired note of a film pour donner the name of Teenage Bad Girl au groupe. Ils réalisent alors leur premier remix from Scissor Sisters, «I Do not Feel Like Dancin». What's the point here is where you can create your first premières morceaux communs «Hands Of A Stranger» and «Ghost House» who will come out to Archibell Records. In the suite of success, Citizen Records contact you and find out who's creating your first album. He labeled the cell of Vitalic and Garçons Étant des fans of the artist, and accepting the proposition directly. It has been shown for long weekly work to see the first Cocotte album, composed of 14 titles. An EP Cocotte was also published by the label and did not pass unnoticed in the world of French touch. Today, Teenage Bad Girl is going on a number of shows. Parmi leurs créations, where you have remixes of Goose, Boys Noize, Chromeo or Felix Da Housecat. One twentieth album released the name of "Cocotte 2.0" on CDs that included the original album and told remixes faits par ou pour le groupe. A maxi "Hands Of A Stranger 2.0" is also released. In 2008, Greg Kazubski released a maxi solo with the name of Kazyo, "Teenage Bad Girl is Dead" by Archibell Records. Guillaume Manbell has made a remix of the TBS "Time Machine" that came out of the box at Sismic Records. May 2011, he wrote the date of release of his new opus Backwash, an album "davantage based on the idées", selon Guillaume Manbell and Greg Kazubski. It will be released on June 6, will include the titres Déjà connus Tonton Funk et Keep up with you. Le Groupe also proposes the free download titled The Wave via leur site internet.
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