Friday, 8 November 2013


"Emergency: tape I"
Year:   2014
Country:   US
City:   Detroit
Label:   Surface rec.
Format:  cassette
Tracks:   8
Time:   33 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:      Power Noise

PowerNoise has always drawn from German music, but as part two of this electronic and industrial bands like Kraftwerk (first) or Einstürzende Neubauten (second) since the 70's decade. Other countries like for example in the south of Europe: Italy, Portugal or my own country (Spain) the industrial culture has a very little space in the cultural collective. I ignore the reasons but his like this. Between rhythmic electronic music and cold noisy industrial music, we meet this sub-style named power noise or rhythmic noise, which I think has interesting names. Some people of noise scene consider this style as a "mainstream noise music" and other people as a too much noisy techno music. I prefer don´t generalize and listen to case by case. Few time ago I discovered for casuality this project from the city of Techno music: Detroit. And effectively, its music keep quite influences of Techno even a kind of "dance music". But of course the whole of album (33 minutes) has suitably distorted: voices, beats, bass, etc. We are not in front of the typical "beat - beat - beat" but of different rhythms with different velocities and noise textures, sometimes remind me hip hop / rap music but ultra distorted. A part techno there are also some Rap influences, noted in a rhythmic bases. Is not the kind of music I usually listen to normally, but I liked very much this release and I bought it, so I recommend to listen to unless just few minutes, I am sure yu don´t dissapoint. Good.
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