Monday, 25 November 2013


Year:    2010
Country:   China
City:   Shangai
Artist:    华山唱片
Label:    Huashan Records
Format:    EP
Tracks:   5
Time:    45 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:       Power Noise

HUASHAN UNIT is a very strange and original project that mix its electronic music roots with his recent discovery of noise. In fact, is not just a power noise neither rhytmhic noise, beacause there is not much rhytm and there is absolutely not the typical distorted beats of these 2 styles (excep some minutes or sequence). It reminds the french elecronical music with some distortion pedals working, and can you imagine Daft Punk with true Noise? more or less it seems this is the result. The artist has risked to make this album and its precedent, beacause he could to fail in both styles and both publics could to be disappointed. Electronic musical scene in one hand, and in other hand: Noise musical scene. But in opposite we believe this album is just a perfect balance and show another vision, another perspective not yet explored. If you are tired of hundreds harsh-extreme-noise projects and also typical electronical bands, maybe this HUASHAN UNIT from China to be your personal solution. Well done.
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You can see here below the city of Shanghai (China), where is based "Huashan Unit Records".