Monday, 25 November 2013


"factory farming"
Year:    1980
Country:    UK
City:   Manchester
Label:    none
Format:    CD, LP
Tracks:    14
Time:    40 min.
Genre:    rock
Style:            Post Punk

Mud Hutters released a few 7”s, and an album, Factory Farming, but some of their best songs were squirreled away on a four-band LP, Four Ways Out, where they sat alongside Dislocation Dance, Rire: To Laugh and Vision On. It’s a cool compilation, but the Mud Hutters songs are the stand-outs - urgent, buzzing, with Seeds-y organ stabs repeatedly speared with electric jolts of guitar, while the rhythm section get their heads down and push the song somewhere close to the brittle physicality of Joy Division, a name I’d never usually invoke when it comes to this music. They were a good wee band, this lot, who eventually shared a member with the Diagram Brothers - this song, and Factory Farming, are pre-Diagram, though.
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