Friday, 29 November 2013


Year:  1992
Country:  US
City:   San Francisco
Label:   Allied recordings
Format:   CD
Tracks:   13
Time:   44 min.
Genre:   rock
Style:    Punk   Rock   Folk

Strawman was a libertarian-communist-inspired punk band from the Mission District of San Francisco, California, active between (roughly) 1990-1995. The band's sound has been compared to The Clash, Red London and Stiff Little Fingers. Led by Tommy Strange (Tom Seiler) on rhythm guitar, a San Francisco transplant from Sandusky, Ohio, and Jimmy Broustis (former guitarist of X-tal from Libertyville, Illinois) on lead guitar, Strawman hosted a variety of Bay Area drummers and bassists. Early recordings featured the rhythm section of the Bedlam Rovers, while later incarnations consisted of drummers Aaron Cometbus (from Crimpshrine, Pinhead Gunpowderet al.), Adam Pfahler (from Jawbreaker), Diane Glaub (from Ohio) and bassists Rich McClain and Chandan Narayan. Strawman played shows across California and the West Coast with the likes of fellow Mission-district acts J Church and Jawbreaker. Strawman (Strange, Broustis, Narayan, and Glaub) toured western Europe in 1994 and released 7"s, LPs and CDs on Allied Recordings. Following Strawman, Strange formed Songs for Emma (1998-2003), and now performs solo folk-rock sound. Broustis went on to play with the band Shotwell.
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