Tuesday, 5 November 2013


"Noise  Box"
Country:  Germany
City:  Westerwald
Artist:  Tom Philipp
Label:  Organic machines rec.
Format:  EP
Tracks:  19
Time:  68 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:  Brutal  Harsh  Noise

It seems like every time prove more difficult to write a simple review of a harsh noise album . And is not the problem it is in English ( not our language ) , is that the harsh noise or indeed the HNW are 2 styles so dense and saturated it is very difficult to differentiate between a disk , or other. But there are always differences , of course , and that is where the artist should strive and give some twist , quirky . Tom from Germany sent us this wild bunch of harsh noise tracks , essentially mail and electric . This is a genuine electric lightning. But among so much energy , there is also space to experiment and explore beyond the " wall of sound " . For example , there are several minutes in which sound while a recording of Jazz ( with saxophone included) and another recording of harsh noise . There are other sequences that play with an approach to the Drone , Ambient and simply the sheer silence or sudden stops (the last few times) . Finally and fundamentally changing the subject , the disc looks a beautiful cover that honors our beloved Luigi Russolo , his laboratory noise and his famous book " The Art of Noises " ( 1913 ) . Good work Tom .
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