Friday, 29 November 2013


"bulbing cricket splash"
Year:    2015
Country:    US
City:    Spring Valley
Artist:    Phillip Klampe
Label:    Retrograde Tapes
Format:    cassette
Edition:    50 copies
Genre:    electronic
Style:             Ambient             Noise

True to their name, Amalgamated’s "bulbing gricket splash" fuses experimental electronic, rhythm-bolstered drones, field recordings and heaps of who knows what else into three flowing tracks of air & movement. Great stuff for come-ups, come-downs and all-arounds. Behind Amalgamated or Homogenized Terrestrials there is the veteran musician called Phillip Klampe, who is into the field of experimental music since 1986. He has recorded a lot of works in different formats and in 2013 he participated in a compilation tribute to post-punk band: The Pop Group, which you can get it HERE . In this "bulbing gricket splash", his talent was focalized mostly on space, ambient and drones landscapes. Quiet and calm. Excellent job
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"the left hand of decay"
Year:    2011
Country:    US
Artist:    Phillip Klampe Label:    6 On The Dot
Format:   CD
Tracks:    2
Time:    50 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Space            Noise

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