Thursday, 14 November 2013


"Sounds for mass extinction"
Year:    2014
Country:    US
City:    Portland , Oregon
Artist:     Brian
Label:     Shrouded Recordings
Format:    cassette
Edition:    10 copies
Tracks:    4
Lyrical themes:    anarchism , pacifism
Time:    26 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            HNW           Noise            Drone

REVIEW : noise project started in 2013 by an experimentalist musician called Brian from Portland, OR (USA). His style is a balance between agressive and furious HNW and some tracks slowier, calms and ambientals which remind ANW. He has recorded 5 works on different formats: cd, cassette and mp3. Apart music Brian is a man with social and ecological conscience and believe in animal rights, environmental protection, etc.  Isolation and discontent with the work-centric and money-centric world we live in are the basis of this release by SBTDOH. "Sounds for mass extinction" is comprised of 4 tracks that share stylistic similarities to HNW and ANW, but break the usual monotony with bursts of dynamic noise. It's an interesting combination of styles and sounds and definitely worth checking out. In fact, other recordings of Brian (the artist under the strange name SBTDOH) are pure or nearly pure HNW, but I chose to review it here because my ears sensed something closer to ANW. Indeed, there are 3 tracks or so short (5 minutes) and one ("Dead beliefs") can be described perfectly as ANW. The set is a good job of noise controlled, slow and done in smalls doses. As if the noise out of a source metered. Again I have to mention the sound of fire when the wood is burned slowly, very slowly.
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ACCORDING TO THE ARTIST : "I am 38 have been into music, as in buying it with my own money etc since prolly somewhere between age 10 to 12 is as far back as I can recall. i have always been massively obsessive when it comes to music, from the first time i felt its power. as in consuming it as much as i can, finding out about bands or individuals, there back catalogs of music, what there influences are, etc. I prolly have spent more on buying physical copies of music. spending prolly the most hours of my life always listening, growing, expanding, going through different phases, styles, degrees of intensity one way or another. I have been mostly playing in the context of band structures. i have had many very wonderful memories, but have always been saddened as bands come and go or change members. break up get back together etc.  usually the folks at the time that i am making music with become my closest friends, then when the band goes away often the friendship does to. that has always broken me and made me very sad. so in my early 30's i began doing music myself. i did many types of home recordings. always just working with what i have as in instrument wise. In the structure of me having total control i seem to flourish now when i look back on it. im a very extremely non-dominate person and when in a band structure i always tended to deffer to others and quietly lead if needed but often just would try to wait for an organic experience. After a few years of various solo things i was dying to be in a band again. i have struggled for my entire life with massive depression and agoraphobia. but there is a side of me that wants to get with others, play music as loudly and beautifully as possible. So for around 5 years i had a band going, during that time i was the only constant member. every other instrument player changed. when the final leaving happened around a year or so ago i could not take it anymore and decided to try a different path. i started  2 different bands. both have fallen apart for various reasons. The whole time i have played music it has been by gut feeling. i am not trained in music at all. its always been an expression of my heart and body. i have also always related to and inevitably got everything ive done into an 'outsider' state, ive always considered myself a 'noise' musician and been fascinated with noise and outsider music in everything from solo acoustic to the most harshished extremes of music i have ever heard and i have always been able to pull from the enormous pallet of music i own and listen to. I also lost a very close and precious friend around a year ago. that set me into a very self destructive year. so i decided to as a cathartic practice to start a hnw/noise/ambient project. i put together pieces of gear that i had. got a few others and have been on an almost daily rampage ever  since may of 2014 with SBTDOH. so it is a new project.  i have committed in my heart and mind to this project for life. i do not rule out doing other projects because i do have a strong desire to play music with others and day dream about it every day. but I have started with and 18 album series looking at death in 18 different ways that i have all mapped out. "sounds for mass extinction" is the third album in this series. it has been an amazing journey in such a short time i have interacted with people all over the world and am deeply humbled by responses i have gotten to what i have layed down to tape. So far it has been a very healthy journey as i have returned to making all my albums 100% from start to release myself. i do all the artwork by hand and personally make every individual artifact as precious and with all good intention as if it were to be the only one ever made. I love the process and i am thrilled to see where it leads me. i have about 4 to 5 split albums coming up which will be great off shoots of the 18 album pact with myself. i look forward to sharing what i have made and treasure each and every correspondence i have had with anyone who has taken notice of what i am doing. I have not played live, so there are no you tubes. i would be open to playing out, but have not sought after it at all thus far. i feel extremely special and care individually about every piece of music i make and those that have gotten anything out of it. I am a very lucky man. I will include some pictures i have of gear etc set up. i have so far done all my recording in my apartment but am working at getting into a practice space so i can play and record through my amplifier and speaker systems i own. (by Brian Flechtner).