Saturday, 30 November 2013


Sindre Bjerga - Cave Syncopation C30

"Cave syncopation"
Year:   2013
Country:   Norway
City:  Oslo
Artist:   Sindre Bjerga
Label:   Beartown rec.
Format:   cassette
Tracks:   2
Time:   27 min.
Genre:   electronic , acoustic
Style:      Experimental      Abstract

More abstract investigations by SINDRE BJERGA (without his comrade Yversen) - always keeping one eye on the punisher though! Sit back and (acid) reflux, while scum-coloured waves lap corrosively against your fragile, funghaen ego. Erode like a cheap stone clock while CAVE SYNCOPATION takes its toll. In the winter, it can be difficult to dig holes, because the ground is frozen and hard. Light a fire and then try and dig where the fire was. Microchip locusts squeak and chirp on hyperspeed express trains, LCD cockroaches chant and chatter and brittle sinews of static duck and weave their way between. Give or take, exactly 29 tapes, "Spanish Mirror Mansion" artwork, "Fish Poker" on-tape stickers. I think is possible to buy still this physical tape HERE .
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