Sunday, 3 November 2013



Year:  1997
Country:  US
Artist:  Bob Scott Sato
Label:  Negatron heavy industries
Format:  CD
Tracks:  10
Time:  26 min.
Genre:  electronic, rock
Style:   Harsh Noise

Xome is a harsh noise project conceived and operated by Bob Scott Sato. Xome brings some of the most rude and abrasive sounds to the noise world. Sato started to lark about with weird sounds around 1989 mostly using guitars, pedals distortion, computers, synthesizers and midi-sequencers. The sounds of Xome eventually evolved into a more free form, scratchy sound by means of more sound processing and the use of any and every source possible. His style is no doubt old school brutal harsh noise without leave minimum space to ambient, drone or similar. All his albums are strictly harsh, harsh and more harsh.     This is a CD-R release of a previosly released cassette. CD-Rs are more fun. See what it's like in a world full of busy salespeople and hear the sounds that they hear. Don't show your pastor this one. Wonderful yet oh so silly packaging with confusing toy suprises inside and harsh mucky-muck on the inside. A lot of fun.
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"Live recordings"
Year:  2014
Artist:  Bob Scott Sato
Label:  no
Format:  un-official release
Tracks:  4
Time:  26 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:  Noise

From the web-Zine "white noise dada" we made this mini compilation with 4 tracks of Bob (Xome), recorded in differents concerts but one thing in common: high quality sound. We searched for good tracks without noises nothing to do with Bob (Xome) and the result is enough satisfactory. The tracks are all extracted from youtube, so you can see the concert with images, too. We hope you like it and enjoy like us.

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