Monday, 25 November 2013


"Fanatism & hysteria"
Year:    1985
Country:    Germany
City:    Eindhoven
Label:    PravDadà rec.
Format:    cassette
Tracks:    25
Time:    90 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:          Industrial

This is the main release of the early ZOMBIES UNDER STRESS. Pure, old style, noisy industrial music featuring analog synths, microphone, effects and all kinds of distorted accoustic sounds. This remake is made copying from the original cover artwork and the original mastertape. No soundprocessing or remastering has been applied. True 80's industrial. "Started in 1984 as a one-man project. Industrial, electronic, multimedia, improvisation and assosiation are the keywords. While in other times ZOMBIES UNDER STRESS was a seven persons multimedia collective, now it's back to basics again. One person. Zombies Under Stress is not a band, it's a project.
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