Friday, 27 December 2013


"Transit mundi"
Year:   2012
Country:    Spain
City:   Vigo
Label:    Luscinia rec.
Format:    CD
Tracks:    10
Time:    60 min.
Genre:    electronic , acoustic
Style:        Experimental        Field Recordings

BIOGRAPHY : Carlos Suárez Sánchez. Composer, ethnomusicologist and percussionist. Spain 1966. Main composer for the Conservatoire of Music Simón Bolívar of Caracas (electroacoustic). Ethnomusicologist in FUNDEF. In 1986 he began to work as a composer, creating more than 50 acoustic and electroacoustic works. His research trips around Venezuela began in 1989. Mainly visiting areas of indigenous cultures and Afro-Venezuelans, he compiled studies and recordings of the music, acoustic biology and soundscapes. He has transcribed more than 36,000 bars of traditional music from all over the world. He worked as are searcher for “The Folklore and Ethnomusicology Foundation” and “The International Folklore and Ethnomusicology Foundation” for 10 years. In 2006 he won the National Award for Culture for his book, “Los chimbángueles de San Benito.” Also work do studing galician soundscape. He has realized more than 60 concerts in: Brasil, Colombia, Perú, Chile (Ai-Maako, Tsonami), Venezuela (FLM, TTC), Argentina (Tsonami, CCE), Uruguay (CCE), Portugal (Binauralmedia, Miso Music, FuturePlace), Italy (Emufest), France (Festival Bourges, Elektrophonie), Germany (Cervantes Center, Field Recording Festival) México (World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, CCEMX) USA (Flamingo Festival) y Spain (VigoTransforma, MARCO, In-Sonora, MACUF, Telenoika, Larraskito, JIEM, Arteleku, SONAR, Experimentaclub + LIMb0, Matadero, Zeppelín, ((VIBRA)), Espazos Sonoros, Foro Creativa 2009, LABORAL Art Center). And participated in many forums and congresses, presenting the fruits of his research about: “Differences between the recorded, perceived and engraved soundscape”; “Analysis and description of soundscape”; “Soundscape and composition”.

REVIEW : "Transit mundi" CD which runs a little over sixty minutes in length, and could be described as "featuring hundreds of micro-samples of the sound of nature, noise and steel objects being cut, banged, scraped, slices, slammed" to form this piece of what is essentially what I would call, despite maybe offending many, “experimental” music. It’s noise too, in the sense that it sounds like ajungle full of noises, from very small noises (insects, birds, wood, fire or just the wind) to big noises (storm, vulcano, earthquake, magma, tsunami or tornado). I have no idea how CARLOS SUAREZ create this sounds but it is impossible to count the amount of noises. Field recordings? contact mics? distortion pedals? software? I supose all this plus much more, but the result is not an extreme and saturated harsh noise at all, but a kind of universe of sounds. It’s as if the works of CARLOS SUAREZ and his technic and percussive works were to be mixed together, layered, slowed down, then at times sped up and then converted into a single piece (despite there are 10 tracks). It’s brilliant. On "Transit mundi" CARLOS SUAREZ chose to incorporate a some human voices and that is simply a voice with south american accent, which adds another layer of textures via spoken words, poetry and a kind of... tales?... There are muffled high-pitched screams and the slithery “gollum-like” whispers which have become a staple in a lot of space music or even an spece of "ancien ritual music" and that I fear are now on the verge of becoming a bit too overdone if that is not already the case… As it progresses, "Transit mundi" increases in density, pulse and intensity, but its all tension throughout its duration. Sometimes the calm of Nature and sometimes a true Nightmare Music, indeed. I’m not sure how much the vocals really add to this extended piece, I could probably even do without them. Then again, not being entirely familiar with a lot of Arabi’s work maybe adding the vocals was part of this need for constant experimentation and pushing of boundaries so for that alone I cannot fault him. Also, the Nature sounds are powerful and effective; I just don’t feel that they are essential here. This is an interesting sonic statement and I’m really looking forward to delving into CARLOS SUAREZ extensive discography and see what I discover. "Transit mundi" is a great starting point. I think It left still some physical copies of this CD digipack, which you can buy HERE for 7 € (shipping include). Enjoy it friend!
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