Saturday, 14 December 2013


Year:  2012
Country:  US
City:  Fairfax
Artist:   Lucas Messier
Label:  Oktomedia  rec.
Format:  2 x cassette
Tracks:  4
Time:  120 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:   HNW / ANW

BIOGRAPHY    :   Lucas Messier from Fairfax (USA) started his activity in experimental music and noise in 2009. Since then he has recorded 12 albums, 2 ep´s and several tracks in compilations. Apart Gluttones (where he focalized this main creative effort) he has also another musical projects such as: Cannibal Gluttoness, Cryovolcano, First Contrarian Church, Museum Of Vengeful Gods, The Titanica and VWT. Since now he has recorded several musical styles such as: noise, techno, black-metal, ambient or experimental.
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