Friday, 20 December 2013


Year:    2006
Country:    Israel
City:    Hadera
Artist:    Gonras Karols
Label:    Roil Noise rec.
Format:    net
Tracks:    10
Time:    32 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:           Noise          Ambient

As is usual comes with most editions of "Roil Noise Records", I downloaded the album from their own web randomly, out of curiosity . The strange name and title expressionless certainly had something to do. Not much since the information available on google Gonroise is virtually nonexistent. Anyway, I was right. Apparently Gonroise (deformation of the name of his young author and single component) as a project born in 2004 , in the Israeli city of Hadera . Made it even stranger becse although there are few similar formations from Israel , it does have a hand you have not gotten out of anonymity , but get some spread outside its borders sealed. As for the music, " 585 " is not exactly what you might expect from a disc from RNO , or at least not what I'm used to hearing from you. Not when the intro of the album, marked by a harsh tone studded Martians blips and sounds a bit dislodged listening . What follows does define sharp and synthetically mood, color and sound identity disc .   While it is noted as the main influence artists some noise (KK Null or Merzbow inevitable...) , certainly more easily perceives spoken words or even screams . Apart from all this, " 585 " is a moderately original, satisfactory disk without fault . Always oscillating in a no man's land between the sound and the industrial noise storm , clear , concise and devastating feeling that makes your listening is unpleasant , uncomfortable and always oppressive.    A base distortion, loud squeaks, monstrously deformed - or - crazed voices and disturbing noise metal one state , sinister and disturbing is transmitted permanently . The abrupt dark metallic noise and dissipates sometimes in waves of what we might call ambient noise- hypnotic and other , more frequent , devastating performances in what could easily pass soundtrack for an apocalyptic sci- fi futuristic , where the industrial and metal side absorbs everything to throw a grim and ghostly, always suffocating and brutal scene.   They say in RNO and not exaggerate : "Close your eyes and dive Into This painful journey of the second Beit Hamkidash destruction . Hear the massacre , feel the pain and watch the extinction " . Bleak. 
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A view of the little city of Hadera.