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Year:    2018
Label:    BR (5)
Format:    CD
Tracks:    6
Time:    40 min.
Genre:    electronic, acoustic, objects
Style:            Musique Concrète

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"SA))m0st' 24 live"
Year:    2017
Label:    Eternal Turns
Format:    digital
Tracks:    2
Time:    36 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Experimental

awesome collaboration between these two "cracks" in the field of experimental music: the young Vitaly Stromchinsky (making music since 2010) and the veteran and well known Alexei Borisov (making music since 1979) both from the same city: Moscow. First official track released through label "Eternal Turns" plus a bonus second track, both recorded in the same live session.
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"massive ground control"
Year:    2017
Country:    Russia
Label:    Zeromoon
Format:    digital
Tracks:    1
Time:    25 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Experimental

Alexei Borisov and Kurt Liedwart have been working together almost for 10 years since 2008. This album was recorded live at Mikroton Live 14 in June 2017. Kurt Liedwart, born in 1977 in Moscow, USSR, is an artist, improviser, music producer, label owner and founder of the Moscow-based experimental and electroacoustic improvised music label Mikroton Recordings. He has developed his own art and sound that cross genres, mixing music practices such as electroacoustic and improvised music, noise and glitch, and art movements such as actionism and Fluxus. He plays a wide-ranging array of instruments such as analog synthesizers, electronics, light-controlled electronics, electromagnetic devices, laptop, sinewaves, field recordings, percussion processed electronically in real time.
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"raw volumes"
Year:    2017
Country:    Russia, Italy
Label:    Aut Records
Format:    CD
Tracks:    7
Time:    38 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:          Rhythmic          Experimental

"Raw Volumes" documents the meeting between noise mavericks ASTMA and electronic sound artist Bob Meanza. Behind the name ASTMA lies the duo of Alexei Borisov, legendary multi-instrumentalist from Moscow underground scene since the 80s, and Olga Nosova, emerging drummer and vocalist in Berlin's experimental scene. Known to be unapologetic forces merging free improvisation and noise attitude, ASTMA are touring internationally with a mutable setup, often playing "on the brink of failure", with broken devices, found objects, unpredictable connections. On the other side, there's the nerdy approach of Michele Pedrazzi, working here with the moniker Bob Meanza. His taste for detailed sound design and digital shininess (see "OU", Aut Records 2015) reflects in his rather melodic intentions and gentle technicism (like in his robotic installation "Cicadas"). And that turns to be a perfect complement to ASTMA's sound invasion. A very sharp and spontaneous meeting was recorded in Berlin, and the material was then polished enough to let the inner structures of each piece emerge and take form. Nurturing the sound but leaving it untamed, as it was supposed to be. The quest for the nastiest chaos and the cleanest geometry can lead to unique objects: that's what these "Raw Volumes" are - primitive crystals that come out of the dirt, in their precious and dangerous sharpness.
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Year:    2017
Country:    Russia
Label:    Ostorga
Format:    CD
Tracks:    3
Time:    44 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Field Recordings

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Year:    2017
Country:    Russia
Label:    Freak Friendly
Format:    CD
Tracks:    4
Time:    22 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:            Minimal            Noise

As usual another Alexei Borisov recording hard to describe with an only one adjective. Some words which can to remind this album: minimal noise, glitch, experimental... whatever. But as also usual the best to understand or to feel this music is just listen to it. In this cassette made sounds three russian musicians: Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova (ASTMA) and also Jelena Glazova.
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"medea's disco"
Year:   2017
Format:    CD
Label:    Bronos
Tracks:    8
Time:    60 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:        Experimental

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"Three for the bottle"
Year:    2016
Country:    Russia
Label:    none
Format:    CD
Tracks:   7
Time:   35 min.
Genre:    electronic , classic , jazz
Style:           Noise           Piano           Jazz

 Improvisational project appeared at the initiative of young drummer Peter Ototsky (Metro 3) and combines the representatives of two generations of the Moscow experimental scene: Konstantin "Zhaba" Guryanov (grand piano) and Alexei Borisov (electronics, Ashbory bass) started their music activities in late 70s - early 80s. The result is a joint album "Three for the Bottle", recorded in the studio of The DOM Cultural Center.
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"Kumushki pjut"
Year:    2015
Country:    Russia
Label:    Asphalt Tango Records
Format:    CD
Tracks:    11
Time:    47 min.
Genre:    rock , acoustic , electronic
Style:           Folk           Breakbeat           Downtempo

VOLGA (Волга) is a project of Alexei Borisov along with Angela Manukjan, Roman Lebedev, and Uri Balashov. As a group they combine ancient Russian pagan folk songs with modern experimental. electronica with a few traditional folk instruments thrown in for good measure. VOLGA is an unparalleled project rooted in the Moscow music scene. It successfully combines experimental electronics, contemporary dance rhythms, classic rock and ancien russian folklore. Psychedelia, shamanism, melodies and lyrics from ancient times mixed with urban aesthetics and video art are the essential components of VOLGA's performances.

Angela Manukyan, the versatile singer of VOLGA, has collected ancient texts dating back as far as 1100 A.D. in russian villages of different regions, all of them written in various dialects. Each dialect requires an unique vocal technique and stands for a singular sound, carefully studied and mastered by the singer. Some might say Volga is the sound of the Middle Ages erupting in our times. Others might object by saying that this is the third millennium speaking to us in the language of the russian Middle Ages.

Just as the central russian river of the same name unites 200 streams, this band merges together so many musical currents and tides that it magically develops into a new kind of life-giving riverbed. One stream, born of the spirit of mystery, pours ancient russian texts into this magical mixture, another releases electronic rhythms of trip hop to meet them. Caught by their resilient wave, and foreshortened at once by the beats of the bases (originating either in dub or in house music), the ritual ethnic motifs no longer recognise the familiar shores but seek to overflow them and forge other, henceforth unknown boundaries.

VOLGA's current line-up includes: vocalist and researcher Angela Manukyan (joint projects with Richard Norvila aka Benzo and Species Of Fishes duo); electronics specialist and multi-instrumentalist Roman Lebedev (Metal Corrosion, Alien Pat Holman, Idioritmik); artist and Grammy winner Uri Balashov. The performances of Volga are usually accompanied by video projections created in realtime by Moscow video artist Roman Anikushin and Parisian Oleg Kornev.
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Year:    2015
Country:    Russia , Lithuania
City:    Moscow , Riga
Label:    Freak Friendly
Format:   cassette
Tracks:    6
Time:    45 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:           Death Industrial

ALEXEI BORISOV is one of the 3 first noise / industrial musicians in Russia (1979), active in a dozen of projects, organizer of "NOISE & FURY FESTIVAL" (Moscow), regularly performing all across the globe from New York to Beijing.  JELENA GLAZOVA is a young Latvian sound artist, visual artist and also poet. Active in a sphere of experimental music, actively performing across Europe and Russia. Author of 2 books of poetry. When I’m checking out some music for the first time I tend to leave it alone at least for the first listen. I mean, I read no press notes, neither bio or back story. I like to keep it surprising and intriguing and let the music find its way through me first, then try to help it out by digging deeper into a concept that may have been distributed along with the music to enhance the experience. That’s why when the opener of "Macbeth", started playing through my speakers, I said to myself, “Oh shit, both gone atmospherical noise!”. I instantly forgot the somewhat puzzling designer choice for the front panel of the otherwise nicely approached horror, red blood artwork (I had harsher words, but I guess noise makes me really mellow) and let the music itself do its thing. I’m sure everybody who’s spent some time actually listening to music and not trying to fit in with certain scene stereotypes is aware that much of what we’re enjoying now in contemporary electronic music has come from dub. The repetitiveness, the effects and processing, the whole free-form approach to reworking pieces by accentuating certain elements, textures, phrases–that’s all the work of the dub shamans. For those already furrowing their eyebrows at those statements, I’d recommend that you go and check out “Tyrant's Death” if you haven’t yet. It’s a rad documentary that will explain to you exactly what I’m talking about. Both musicians has had a very good feeling between them, and the result is high quality.
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Year:  2015
Country:  Russia
City:  Moscow , Saint Petersburg
Label:  Heart Shaped Box
Format:  CD
Edition:  30 copies
Tracks:  1
Time:  60 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:        Field Recordings        Noise

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Year:    2014
Country:    Russia , Norway
City:    Moscow , Oslo
Label:    none
Format:    net
Tracks:    3
Time:    46 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:          Experimental          Noise

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Year:   2014
Country:   Russia
City:   Moscow
Label:   none
Format:  digital
Tracks:   1
Time:   28 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:       Experimental       Abstract

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Year:    2013 
Country:    Russia , Italy 
Artist:    Alexei Borisov , Olga Nosova , Mario Gabola & Maurizio Argenziano
Label:  Zeromoon 
Format:  CD 
Edition:  200 copies
 Tracks:  9 
Time:  40 min.
 Genre:  rock 
Style:            Free Improvisation

New collaboration between Italy and Russia, following the hard last year Case Matte / коробочка для пилюль. The Spiral (Maurizio Argenziano, Mario Gabola) and ASTMA (Alexei Borisov, Olga Nosova) come with a work recorded in between Naples and Moscow and passed by "Viande Records" to the underground of the Naples sudden! (Master Mimmo Napolitano), so that you take the slice of spiritual release before you share it with "Zeromoon Records". So, they are two different covers, back and general artwork for this album, it depends of the label.
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Year:    2012
Country:    Russia
Label:    Foem rec.
Format:    net
Tracks:    1
Time:    31 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:         Free Improvisation


"Алексей Борисов"
Year:    2007
Country:    Russia
City:    Moscow
Label:    RMG
Format:    CD
Tracks:    8
Time:    5 hours
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Field Recording           Noise           Experimental

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Year:    2007
Country:     Russia , Spain
Label:     Long Arms rec.
Format:     CD
Tracks:    9
Time:     40 min.
Genre:     electronic
Style:         Ambient         Experimental           Rhythmic Noise

Initial idea of collaboration with Miguel Ruiz appeared during his Moscow tour, participation of Alexei Borisov being implied. In early spring of 2006 Miguel sent me a disc with ambient recordings. They were free of rhythms and very atmospheric. Performing in Madrid in summer, I brought him these mercilessly edited treks, which he could hardly identify as his own compositions. Miguel added some rhythms and I received a new version from him in autumn. We worked at the distance by means of e-mail, as a genuine group, keeping mail-art traditions of the 80-s. Then I edited Miguel's mix once more, added my own rhythmic compositions in stock. After running it through we arrived at a conclusion that there were some lacunas that could be successfully filled by Borisov's materials that resided in my studio waiting for their chance to come. It was a disc with the rhythms of analogous drum-machines long ago recorded by Alexei. So, after adding his treks I realized that Borisov ought to record additional voice, guitar and so on… It was winter again. Early in January Alex delivered two treks supplemented with various queer sounds, which served me as a material for the final version of the album. I sent to Miguel and received highly approving answer from him. I believe that this record is utterly extrinsic for the three of us, a kind of dark-ambient with trans-rhythms…

Year:    2004
Country:    Russia
City:    Moscow
Artist:    Alexei Borisov , Kazuyuki Kishino
Label:    Electroclub
Format:    CD
Tracks:    15
Time:     68 min.
Genre:     electronic
Style:             Space             Noise            Experimental

Noise duet with the russian master of free improv (Alexei Borisov) and the also another master of noise, the japanese KK Null. Acoustic music plus electronic music. Ambient plus Noise. Russian character plus Japanese character. Very difficult to describe with "normal" and "usual" words the result of this effort. Is pure Art. It's exciting, amazing, incredible and the more disco tracks l ... more convince you that it is the best album of Experimental Noise has been done since 1979. In fact nobody could expect little of this formula. If both separately artists are great and indisputable. How to sound both together? it simply excellent. If you had beforehand luck and advantage of the 2 artists you liked. This disc is required to buy it and save it in a very high place. If, however, before you decantabas only by an artist. Or on the other. The album will be equally satisfying for you, though not "go up to heaven" with the sounds of KK Null nor amazed with lsérgicos acids noises Borisov. This is the second volume of this conjunction (Alexei Borisov + KK Null) as well as we can, get the first and also will outline in this website.  Excellent and Superb.
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Year:    2004
Country:    Russia
Label:    Spirals Of Involution
Format:    2 x CD
Tracks:    4
Time:  110 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Experimental            Noise

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Year:    2003
Country:    Russia , Japan
City:    Moscow , Tokyo
Label:    Insofar Vapor Bulk
Format:    CD
Tracks:    13
Time:    60 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Abstract            Noise

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"Live in Paris"
Year:    2008
Country:    Russia
City:    Moscow
Label:    Sickcore rec.
Format:    CD
Edition:    200 copies
Tracks:    7
Time:    76 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Noise            Experimental

Alexei Borisov was born in 1960 in the Soviet Union and from a young age he became interested in music. In the late 70s and during the 80s, bands comprised of pop / rock famous in the Russian scene such as: PROSPEKT, FRUITS and VOLGA, to name just a few. He was in bands of noise-rock, new wave, punk, pop, etc. until in 2000 he entered the world of music experimental or "non-music". Since then it has stood out as one of the most famous and prestigious authors experimental music, specifically specializing in free improv. and harsh noise. Unlike other musicians the genus, Alexei is not known for recording dozens of albums every year, if not the opposite, and in more than 10 years he has recorded 10 albums plus several NOISE splits with other projects such as KK Null, Sergey Filatov , Anton Nikkilä, Anton Mobin, Daruin, Cisfinitum, Jeff Surak, etc... Apart has also maintained a musical career with his friend Olga Nosova, which also features high quality on Experimental Noise. The record now before us is not exactly a solo deAlexei Borisov, but a collaboration with French HEC. The live recording was made in 2007 in Paris and she used: distortion pedals, microphones, tapes, samples... and objects and materials of various kinds.  The result is exquisite and highly recommended, definitely one of those albums that bring prestige, value and "shine" to the noise scene, which that sometimes is seen from outside as a stagnant scene in: "more noise and more noise... and again... without sense ". This CD is is still avaible on physical format HERE .
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"Typical human beings"
Year:    2004
Country:    Russia , Finland
City:    Moscow , Helsinki
Label:    N & B rec.
Format:    CD
Edition:    250 copies
Tracks:    11
Time:    50 min.
Genre:    electronic , acoustic
Style:         Experimental         Noise

The first duo CD by Borisov & Nikkilä is another anti-solipsistic look by these authors at their surroundings past and present. To paraphrase the title of Borisov’s latest solo album “Polished Surface Of A Table”, this is a gaze from the imaginary space between the seemingly solid table-plate and the lacquered surface on top of it, complete with stains and acoustic disturbances that distort the perspective. Borisov’s Russian texts (translated into English in the CD booklet) scan the panorama of his everyday life, moving rapidly from “a vagabond from Dagestan” to “bio-underpants” and Soviet hospital life to oblique reminiscences of European demi-monde, creating in the process compact psychological snapshots and surreal verbal cascades in which multiple meanings border on complete dissolution. The music, inextricably linked to the texts, could be interpreted the same way. It looks at the commonplace forms of rock song, free improvisation, muzak, “smooth jazz” and noise with the purpose of turning the viewpoint around and the structures inside out. Through improvised guitar and percussion, digital and low tech noise editing, deconstructed muzak and recited vocals “Typical Human Beings” aims to be the sound of zoom-adjusting standard perspective into an impossible position and broken forms functioning as if nothing happened.  Alexei Borisov, who lives in Moscow, and Helsinki-based Anton Nikkilä have been recording together since 1994 and performing sporadically as a duo since 1998. 2004 marks a surge in both of their common activities. The studio tracks on “Typical Human Beings” were recorded in both Moscow and Helsinki, and the four live tracks were recorded in Russia and Estonia. Norwegian Trollofon Festival advertized their concert in May 2004 thus: “super-unique electronica with a futuristic Baltic Sea as the lowest common denominator”. While Nikkilä debuted internationally on the Touch/Ash International compilation “Decay” in 1997, Borisov is a true veteran of the Russian music scene, starting in 1980 as the guitarist of Center, the country’s first new wave group. Both have previously released two solo CD’s, which have been commented e.g. this way: “Alexei Borisov is one of the most provocative sound artists to come out of the Russian proto-Industrial scene.” (David Keenan in his review of Alexei Borisov’s “Before the Evroremont”, The Wire, October 2002).
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"Polished surface of a table"
Year:    2004
Country:    Russia
City:    Moscow
Label:    Electroshock Records
Format:    CD
Tracks:    13
Time:    51 min.
Genre:     electronic
Style:              Noise              Experimental             Ambient

After 36 CDs released, "Electroshock" had achieved a precisely-defined artistic line.Alexei Borisov's "Polished Surface of a Table", number 037 for the Russian record label, pushes this line further into experimental electronica and it is a nice change. Considerably stronger than his previous solo effort ("Before the Evroremont", released on "Research Digest"), it offers a stimulating dose of ruptured beats, glitchy textures, processed noise and disembodied voices. The voice holds an important place in these constructions, whether singing (the beginning of "Dew") up front, reduced to a background murmur ("Polished Surface of a Table") or treated and embedded within the other layers of sounds. Borisov's sound universe is generally abstract, although it repeatedly refers to the DJ culture. Beats are skipped, sound collages flash before our eyes, snippets of songs are briefly recognizable in the distance (Serge Gainsbourg's "Je Vais et Je Viens" makes an unexpected appearance in "Rotor"). The music is uncompromising and explores many aural extremes of electronica, from pure tones to minimal digital manipulations (glitch) and outbursts of noise, all of these elements interacting with more appealing material. Highlights include the opening "Revlon", one of Borisov's strongest pieces to date, "Blue Vinyl" (reinventing DJ Spooky) and the title track. "Zaraza. Volume I" is the only piece crossing over five minutes and the only disappointment of the CD. It slows down the pace and fails to capture the attention, although its insisting pulse might provide a few listeners with something to cling to. But that track aside, "Polished Surface of a Table" is a very strong album in its field.

Francois Couture ("All-Music Guide").
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"Live in Russia"
Year:    2003
Country:    Russia
City:    several
Label:    Zeromoon rec.
Format:    net
Tracks:    3
Time:    28 min.
Genre:    acoustic , electronic
Style:         Free Improvisation         Noise

Three masters of intelligent noise music present 3 compositions by each of the artists. Recorded live in various cities in Russia in 2003 but the album was released and distributed 2 years after in 2005 by the american independent label "Zeromoon Records" run by own Jeff Surak (aka Violet). 
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"Before the evroremont"
Year:    2001
Country:    Russia
City:    Moscow
Label:    Avanto rec.
Format:    CD
Tracks:    1
Time:    30 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:              Experimental              Noise

Outside of his native Russia, Alexei Borisov is probably best known as a live performer with a sound and visual style That make his performances transcend the usual gig situation and resemble Beckett-style theater absurd. Perhaps the Most appropriate term for Their soundtrack would be "live collage" Often based on domestic or everyday materials - "found sounds" and home recordings of all sorts. They include field recordings and soundscapes of arbitrary conversations, diary-style mostly done with a cheap dictaphone, Borisov reciting his automatic writing-type lyrics, snippets of music from the radio, separate instrument tracks Recorded for his other projects, just playing on various instruments sleepwalking in a style or "blindfolded", as I've Described working his (anti-) method with computers. The elements are mixed and cut up through effects in a Manner Which Resembles remotely dj'ing With its sharp timing - Borisov's long experience as a live dj can be felt - or a telephone operator manually turning his work at a switchboard into poetry, as David Noted Keenan in The Wire: "The whole is rent with fuzzy, intercepted conversations archived wiretaps That sound like".


For the concert and the cd cover Borisov asked the Finnish photographer Anne Hämäläinen to Contribute her visuals Documenting Moscow's home interiors, suburban backyards and Their inhabitants "before the evroremont" Which was the working title of her photographic book "Romance" published in 2004.  Evroremont, or "euro-renovation", was one of the Most Common Russian neologisms of the 90's, originally meaning the Widespread practice of Replacing Entire Soviet-style home decors (furniture, wallpapers etc..) With new, IKEA-type "pan-European 'interiors, as if in Step with the complete change of the societal order. 

"Before the Evroremont" was recorded live at Helsinki's Avanto Festival in 2001. Avanto Recordings is the label of Avanto Festival, and release CD's coinciding the festival. The CD's consist of previously unreleased material from artists performing in the festival. One of the best ALEXEI BORISOV albums.
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