Sunday, 26 January 2014


The Pain​-​Flower Suite
Year:  2012
Country:  US
Artist:  Chris Coker
Label:  not
Format:  net
Tracks:  3
Time:  47 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:  Harsh  Noise

ACCORDING TO THE ARTIST  :  Flippin Idiots is the noise project of Chris Coker based in Sylva NC, USA. He use digital and analog sources plus field recordings. He has releases here and on "Smell The Stench" netlabel and on "Orko Records". He loves any and all noise artists but my biggest influence is Thirteen Fingers. Other influences Merzbow, Masonna, Incapacitants, Xome, Rez Epo,Clang Quartet, Hivemind,Wilt , Flat Effect and many others.

REVIEW  :   Looks like Chris Coker is not at all new in this of Noise , as in 2007 and practiced with distortion pedals and contact mics . We imagine, so that his first contact with music Noise was at least a little earlier. Maybe in 2006 or 2005. It's a few years and this will be demonstrated in your personal Bandcamp , where a sample of 13 albums all for free and available free to anyone who is interested in his music. We have also found two youtubes where Chris appears in a live performance : pure waste of energy. None of statism, but constant movement and an unstoppable game with distortion pedals . Musically their style is very hard, frankly, is pure and dry old school Harsh Noise . But it's true, and we should all say, there are some in each album track where hardness and war gives way to more moderately near ambient and drone sounds. Noise remains at all times , but there are slower parts , low-frequency and less " hurtful " . In his discography have chosen this "The Pain - Flower Suite" . We have found the most interesting and even the cover is very original for a Noise project flowers. Ah ! without a second's hesitation , my favorite track is: "At the gates of sanity ." Good work.
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