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"En El Viaje De La Metamorfosis..." 
Year:  1995
Country:  Spain
City:  Reus
Label:  Emocaust rec.
Format:   CD
To add:  Booklet (zine aesthetics)
Tracks:   115
Time:   25 min.
Genre:  rock
Style:    Noise Core

We are in front a e-release (CD) of this demo-tape from 1995 of this noise-core band with female vocals and Marc Cabildo (from grindcore band Mixomatosis) on guitars. The cd includes a nice booklet in a typical old DIY design. Musicaly has no misteryous nor complication. Here there is not Experimentations or Musique Concrète at all. In opposite, we could to speak about certain (a little bit) relation with this traditional noise-core with the projects englobed into Free Improvisation. Why not? basically is the same. The essence is the same. Or very similar. In noise-core there are not structures pre-determinated and even the musicians play with a lot of intution to know when the song finish or start. The big difference is of course that noise-core has always ultra-short and ultra-fast songs; and this characteristic is not present in other noisy styles. In opposite, in Free Improvisation or Harsh Noise, songs or tracks have tendance to become longs. Kafka sounds like the "masters" of noise-core such as the imprescindibles: 7 Minutes Of Nausea or Sore Throat. 
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