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"Non-Structurated Musical Cunt-Flaps Recorded Through Variated Mics From Time To Time"
Year:   2012
Country:   Norway
City:   Oslo
Artist:   Kjetil Hanssen
Label:   RONF rec.
Format:   cassette
Edition:   100 copies
Tracks:   21
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Experimental     Collage     Noise

Torstein Wjiik, a Norwegian act active since 2005 has compiled 21 tracks, 50 minutes of experimental pieces, documenting ideas coming to life recorded between 2007 and 2009. After listened to it several times, I get the conclusion this is the best TORSTEIN WJIK recordings, in my personal opinion, because is where the artist has demonstrate his best talent to make a true collage of all kind of sounds and noises, sometimes electronic, sometimes rock. There are also some manipulated voices, samples and others experimentations which become the tape in a work extremly dynamic, rich and full of changes. Not inaudible and static harsh noise at all but a crossover of styles and technics. The release was made and finsihed to sell and distribute late 2011. I don´t know at all If it remind any copy, but If you want to buy the physical format you can write  HERE  . You lost nothing to listen to this tape few minutes, I recommended everybody to do it.
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"B-movies & G-strings"
Year:   2009
Country:   Norway
City:   Oslo
Artist:   Kjetil Hanssen
Label:   Control Valve rec.
Format:   net
Tracks:   3
Time:   20 min.
Genre:   electronic , rock
Style:    Noise

I have not listened to all TORSTEIN WJIIK´s discography but I can to affirm this is his harder and more harsh album of my personal discography. Maybe a bit far of the experimental sounds and stylistic variety and closer to saturated and chaotic traditional harsh noise. The difference maybe is that in this recording the artist used also his own voice and an electric guitar. Only 3 tracks in 20 minutes made as a free release by the net-label "Control Valve Records" run by the also musician Roger H. Smith (Chefkirk, Juice Machine, etc.).
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"Wjiik let angreben af influenza"
Year:   2007
Country:   Norway
City:   Oslo
Label:   Ambolthue rec.
Artist:    Kjetil Hanssen
Format:   CD
Tracks:  11
Time:   36 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:      Noise

This is the debut CD from Norwegian experimental artist Kjetil Hanssen (Torstein Wjiik), known by his friends and family as Kjetil Hanssen. The disc is part of the celebration of his first five years as an artist, and it's a carefully selected collection of digital and analogue noises combined with field-recordings. In a time where the swine flu seems to have taken over the world, what's better than releasing an album you'll probably feel sick from just listening to? Allow yourself to get influenzed by this humorous and intense sonic experience. Limited edition of 220 copies. 
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