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Year:    2016
Country:    Catalonia  (Spain)
City:    Manresa
Artist:    Arnau Sala
Label:    Hospital Productions
Format:    LP
Edition of 500 copies
Tracks:    9
Time:   60 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:           Techno           Industrial           Noise

Cold authentic analog electronics covered in the dust of concrete and mist of ocean breeze from Catalonia. Originally released as two volume cassette release now on vinyl for the first time.
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"La joia d´agredir"
Year:    2009
Country:    Catalonia   (Spain)
City:    Manresa
Label:    Circuit Torçat
Format:    cassette
Edition:    50 copies
Tracks:    6
Time:    22 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:              Noise              Drone            Field Recordings

The second tape from brand new Barcelona label, Circuit Torçat, run by Juan Matos Capote. Arnau Sala, Barcelona’s main man in experimental music and operator of the Ozonokids label, made this tape and having been wanting to hear his stuff for a while now I was psyched to listen. I’m pleased to report that it’s good, it’s real good. ºººFour tracks comprise the first side. “Blasfèmia Primitive” begins with a strong electronic pulse that Sala modulates rhythmically creating an air of anticipation. The track teeters on combusting into total sonic fury but manages to hold itself together. “Triple Morro” is a quirky track of free drumming paired with a wigged out oscillator; some kind of futuristic jazz when people no longer use their lungs for music. The oscillator does a surprisingly agile job playing the role of a sax or cornet. I like the track more and more each time I listen. “Viure per Punxar (i no Punxar per Viure)” has a homemade techno vibe, little skittering circuitry beats and electronic creaks, grinds and pulsations. “Obstacles Coherents” changes things up again with a manipulated speech sample and loose improv on guitar (I think.) The focus on rhythm is deemphasized compared to the previous tracks. Instead of drums or loops at the forefront, rhythm is derived from the speech and fragments of guitar and oscillator that waft in and out of the composition. It’s a nice track to end the side on because the music just kind of floats away beyond reach and disappears.

The second side features my favorite piece on the tape, “Voluntad D'agressió Pura,” which is a collaboration with Juan Matos Capote. I hope these guys start playing with each other in a more permanent fashion cause they work really well together. The piece is heavy on the oscillations and there are some great, metallic rhythmic shards (maybe samples?) that get the piece moving in a really interesting, asymmetrical way. The sounds bounce off each other with little seeming purpose but all the movements in the piece are so self-assured that there has to be a grand scheme I’m just not tapping into. By the end of the piece Sala and Capote have probably crossed so many wires and scrambled so many circuits that things get blistering and noisy. The piece takes up a good chunk of the side but its energy never fails, it keeps clawing forth like some ravenous, wounded beast. Just an awesome track all around. The finale “La Força” is a bit more tempered. Acoustic instruments, wood flute and cymbal, are paired with a crunchy, minimal electronic beat and flakes of vocals. The piece trudges along in a relatively hypnotic manner but gets a tad unruly near the end. I also have to say this is one the nicest looking tapes I’ve come across this year. Sala did the rad artwork and Capote decked the whole thing out in yellow; yellow tapes, yellow labels, yellow cases. It looks reeeeeally nice. Check it out. (*NOTE: this review is an extract from HERE ).
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"Receptacles, agitació i meta-sentiment"
Year:    2013
Country:    Catalonia   (Spain)
City:    Manresa
Label:    Scumbag Relations rec.
Format:    cassette
Time:    30 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:          Noise         Experimental

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MUNT 3 Ruben Patiño - Arnau Sala