Friday, 7 February 2014


"apotheosis putrefactum"
Year:   2016
Country:    US
Label:    Weird Ear
Format:    CD
Tracks:    4
Time:    33 min.
Genre:     electronic
Style:            Dark Ambient            Noise

"apotheosis putrefactum" is the second collaborative album between Andrew Quitter and Nick Hoffman after 2013 "nu grotesque" cassette. recorded over the course of two years in Eugene, Oregon, it combines analog synthesis (Quitter) and digital synthesis (Hoffman), and documents the duo descending further into realms of aural putrefaction and quiet, calm and cosmic darkness.
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Year:    2014
Country:    US
City:    Eugene  (Oregon)
Label:    Organized Music from Thessalonik
Format:    CD
Tracks:    5
Time:    36 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Noise            Experimental

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Year:    2013
Country:    US
City:    Eugene  (Oregon)
Label:    Pilgrim Talk
Format:    CD
Tracks:    4
Time:  20 min.
Genre:    electroacoustic
Style:            Free Improvisation                 Noise

Ok, let me say this straight: I swallow everything which is released under "Pilgrim Talk Records". Lately I was even wondering does it make any sense, I mean writing about their new releases, because you know, sometimes even out of perversity I just itch to sting here or there. But I simply can’t – whatever new they release, I’m bewitched and everyone around just laugh at me because of my almost idolatrous respect to that underground label with an attitude indisputable. Musically Hoffman not only makes noise or experimental music, also has other bands or projects (Black Magic, Katchmare, Coppice...) which makes various styles of music such as punk-rock , noise, drone, ambient, free improvisation, etc.. Also important is the visual aspect of Hoffnan, who designs and draws with high creative level the album covers and published fanzines "old school" ( I mean: in paper ) with a variety of styles, but always prevail and above a Surreal Dadaist style. For me it is almost impossible to recommend which is the best Hoffman´s work, because he has a very personal style and especially with different sensitivity, depending on that day as it was day or another. I suppose this fact should happen almost always in the recordings of Free Improvisation. On Bandcamp you can listen a lot of stuff and to decide which you like the best. I definitely decided for this excellent "Bruiser."
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"nu grotesque"
Year:    2013
Label:    Diazepam
Format:    cassette
Tracks:    4
Time:    23 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Noise            Musique Concrète

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