Wednesday, 19 March 2014


"60 second wipe out"
Year:    1999
Country:    Germany
City:    Berlin
Label:    Digital Hardcore
Format:    CD
Tracks:    13
Time:    52 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Breakcore

Atari Teenage Riot (abreviated ATR) is a German "digital hardcore" group formed in Berlin in 1992. The name was taken from a Portuguese Joe song entitled "Teenage Riot" from the album "Teen-age Riot", with the word 'Atari' added as an Atari ST computer was used to create compositions. Highly political, they fused Anarchist, anti-Fascist and anti-Nazi views with punk vocals and the newly emerging techno sound called "digital hardcore", which is a term band member Alec Empire used as the name of his record label: "Digital Hardcore Recordings". The group was founded as an attack on the Neo-Nazi subculture by fusing hardcore punk views with German techno; it consisted of three Berliners - Alec Empire, Hanin Elias and MC Carl Crack. ATR's early releases (which included the track "Hetzjagd Auf Nazis!"/"Hunt Down the Nazis!") were surrounded by controversy in Germany. This album we have on the hands "60 second wipe out" is considered for the german techno scene as one of the best inspired ATR albums ever, which mix classic Detroit techno with sounds harder like punk, industrial or noise. And is important to mention too the velocity it appens the album. All tracks are fast with "broken" rhythm drums (breakcore).
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"Delete yourself"
Year:    1997
Country:    Germany
Ciy:    Berlin
Label:    Digital Hardcore
Format:    CD
Tracks:    12
Time:    46 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Breakcore

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