Thursday, 27 March 2014


Year:    2014
Country:    UK
City:    London
Label:    Zam Zam
Format:   CD
Tracks:    1
Time:    50 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Ambient  Noise Wall

Tim Drage is the gentlemen from London who is behind the name of CEMENTIMENTAL since 2000. We mean 14 years making harsh noise, circuit bent, experimental and rough music in general. During all this time he has recorded 16 albums, plus several tracks en compilations or other formats. At the beggining his activity in the noise scene was almost nothingm, but little by little he has get a name and a certain prestigiuos and nowadays we can to affirm CEMENTIMENTAL is almost a must to know or unless, to listen to it several times. About his musical style we can not affirm which is, beacause Tim Drage can to change radically from an album to another. From make a naif circuit bent to make a furious HNW or even ambient noise wall deep from the cathacombs. This album today we are dealing about, is placed between HNW and ANW. The true is in this recording noise developping very slowy, crawling on the floor as long and old snake. Don´t confuse this naive and colorful cover with the "music" there is inside... beacause is just the opposite. The pole contraire. We have choosen this "Donsummatldren" just for these features: slowness, heaviness, morbid, almost death.... pure ambient noise wall. Excellent work of Cementimental.... probably the best.      9 / 10
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