Thursday, 6 March 2014


Year:  2013
Country:  France
Artist:   Adrien Mailler
Label:  Petroglyph Music
Format:  net
Tracks:  1
Time:  45 min.
Genre:  electronic
Style:   Noise   Drone

No Way Out is a french project started around the year 2009 by the experimentalist musician Adrien Mailler, who runs also his own little label "Nahash Atrym Prod." and other different b-side projects such as: Excelsis, Dedale(s), Necrodome Inc. and more. But Adrien focalize his energymainly in No Way Out, a project which deal to search bridges between the austere  harsh noise and sound more soft like ambient or drone, or even to try to manipulate the... "silence". Sounds becomes raw material to sculpting long architecturals landscapes that’s reveal the inner feelings of the listener, through intensity and introspection phases. In our opinion the result is very satisfactory. Both, sound and artwork / aesthetics of the project, are very austere, simple and cold. But nothing to do with subjects such as: satanism, occultism or esoterism, more own of black-metal or some dark-ambient projects. Here we deal with the solid and monolithic Noise, in capital letters. Besides Adrien use to put all his recordings and works totally free and without limits to everybody can to listen to his sounds and enjoy with them (thanks mate). No message. No humans. No voices. Only a few machines impossible to discover what they are and describe them, which make a kind of Noise a very very low frequency. Noise from the cathacombs. No more. Excellent simplicity.
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