Thursday, 27 March 2014


"Opacity of life"
Year:   2014
Country:   Ukraine
City:    Zaporozhie
Artist:    Verlaßen
Label:   none
Format:   net
Tracks:   1
Time:   42 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:   Harsh  Noise  Wall

REVIEW  :   This is another of the HNW projects where the artist remains anonymous or use a pseudonym, in this case: "Verlaßen" (Verlassen in deutsch writing like Verlaßen - Forsaken in eng, his pseudo). One option that seems to me very respectable (of course), but it always surprises me a little, but it happends even in the pop / rock scene.  "Verlaßen" (RU/ST) currently lives in the eastern part of Ukraine, ie, in the Russian-speaking area, the region of Ukraine where virtually the entire population is of Russian culture. Although this is a very young and inexperienced project demonstrates good taste and quite talented in regards to HNW in this recording. No poor or annoying sound here, but deep, wide and high quality noise. The type of HNW reminiscent of a tropical storm or a earthquake. An authentic scream of nature and non-human, nor industrial sound. This is the impression I get when I listen to RU/ST. Therefore, this is the kind of HNW that I personally like. The artist explains that also devotes much of his spare time to graphic arts (logos, designs, T-shirts, drawings, etc..) and here below you can see a small part of his work. Mostly style tends toward a dark and even sinister, but explained that he generally does not attract gore, bondage, terror, etc.. He or she (I don´t know his real identity) like other musical styles such as: sludge, stoner, doom, avant-garde black metal, blackened hardcore, alterntive with female vocalists, screamo and etc. This release is totally free and you can listen to or download in different net-platforms. From here give thanks to the artist to share his music with everybody.

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Here below you can see the center of Zaporozhie (Ukraine).

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