Saturday, 15 March 2014


"Baku: Symphony Of Sirens"
in the Russian Avantgarde"
Year:    2008
Country:    UK
Label:    RER records
Format:    2 x CD
Book:    76 pages
Tracks:    40
Time:    180 min.
Genre:    electronic, acoustic
Style:            Field Recordings            Political            Poetry

A true sound museum, that's what we present on this occasion. "Soviet Avant-Garde" ("Baku: Symphony Of Sirens") is probably (at least that we know) the best collection of Russian and Soviet avant-garde works from between the years 1908-1942. The person in charge of this lush compilation is Miguel Molina Alarcon of "Intermedia Lab Creations" (LCI), from Valencia (Spain), and its launch is for the year 2009. The centerpiece of this collection as its name indicates is "Soviet Avant-Garde" it is an absolutely beautiful modern reconstruction of "Symphony of Sirens" by Arsenio Avraamov held in Baku in 1922 to mark the fifth anniversary of the Soviet Revolution, and this double album consists of sirens factories, military regiments, steam locomotives and vocal choirs, together representing the atmosphere and noise of the city of Baku (Azerbaïdjan) next to the Caspian sea. The second disc begins ten tracks dating from 1930, taken from the film Dzia Vertov: "Symphony Of The Dombass" a cult film masterpiece pioneer in the field of Musique Concrète and experiments in sound mixing industrial sounds with human voices. Also find artists like Alexander Mossolov, Leon Trotsky, Boris Pasternak and Dmitri Shostakovich. This material collection is very essential for those who appreciate experimental electro-acoustic avant-garde music, every art historical document from the former Soviet Union as part of the most radical sound artists of the early last century. Enjoy it.
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