Saturday, 22 March 2014


Year:    2007
Country:    Norway
City:    Oslo
Label:    Ambolthue rec.
Format:   CD
Edition:    22 copies
Tracks:   17
Time:   75 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:         Noise          Experimental

Tore Honoré Bøe is a norwegian experimental artist that make many types of music (noise, field recordings, ambient, drone, etc.) and also a great artist into the field of paintings and visual works. He has had another b-side projects such as: 2re , A22 , Major Ego , Origami Boe , Origami Ios Drones k va dronen All-Stars , KA , MBD , Nordic Miracle, The , Origami Angelika , Origami Replika , Origami Republika , Origami Scandinavia , Origami Tacet , Sadomaoistan , Tore H. Bøe & Family and other projects. He started in the "non-music" in 1998 in Norway but currently he lives in Canary Islands (Spain). This recording today we write about it, was the last concert of the "LIVE! Tour" in Las Palmas, (Canary Islands) on Jun 26, 2004. From then on, Tore Honoré Bøe will no longer record or perform under his full name. Musically strict this is one of the less noisy albums and probably closer to musique concrète, minimal sounds and silence. In the Honoré´s discography frequently we can to listen to many instruments totally invented and created by Toré Honoré hymself and this fact give to the music an effect very special, exceptional, completly different than other artists. It’s undeniable that the music of him works rather well as an auditory complement to the indefinable spaces of lost time and memory between wakefulness and slumber, those slippery edges we inhabit right before dropping off into deep dreams / nightmares. These eleven pieces can (and should) be listened to as hymns for the drowsy, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is bland or insipid music because the pieces are an appropriate dreamtime accompaniment. With songs that range from gorgeous to abstract and occasionally ominous, this strong and vibrant suite of sleep-inducing lullabies is in keeping with the consistently high standards set by Tore Honoré.
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