Saturday, 12 April 2014


"Ascendre, À L'Ombre Du Vent"
Year:   1996
Country:   France
City:   Paris
Label:   La Légende Des Voix rec.
Genre:   electronic
Style:    Field Recordings     Noise

SYLLYK was a French duo of Sylvie Larouche and Eric La Casa, who would go on to compose dramatic albums of abstract sound made from field recordings. This mysterious piece of deep, evocative musique concrete was recorded between 94 / 95 and released in 1996 in a breathtaking handmade-paper package with a band that holds it closed. The duet was active together the name SYLLYK from 1991 to 1996 and recorded long albums. During all their acive periode, the musical / sound style of SYLLYK was basically field recordings with also little experiments with some electronics or noise. This "Ascendre, À L'Ombre Du Vent" was the last work of the duet and probably their best.

"La Légende Des Voix Records" is a french experimental music label and distro founded by Eric La Casa in 1989. Packaged inside a card sleeve, with a 4-page booklet, plus a tiny insert with English translation of liner notes, all of which is wrapped in natural paper from India, held together with a band, having a golden sticker.
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