Thursday, 3 April 2014


"Nature seen"
Year:    2013
Country:   US
City:   Columbus,  Ohio
Artist:   Mike Shiflet
Label:   905 tapes
Format:  CD + booklet
Tracks:  2
Time:   22 min.
Genre:   electronic , organic
Style:           Field Recordings

My first introduction to Plurals was on this "Nature seen", the release with Mike Shiflet under his own name, a release that I gave a very positive review. It turns out, that in some cases when people combine their talents, it does not always mean the best way to showcase ones capabilities. An obvious case in point is the another collaborations. In this case, Mike was an enjoyable album, but considering who was a part of this, well it was surely not quite the success older works with another collaboration was. The aforementioned "Nature seen" album was much the same, good, but not capturing the full potential of either artist. I have always been quite the fan of Baker’s works, but up until now I had no idea just how good "Nature seen" are on their own. Excellent work.
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