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Year:   2012
Country:   Australia
City:   Melbourne
Artist:   Fjorn Butler , Sean McMorrow
Label:   Virrash rec.
Format:  CD
Tracks:   2
Time:   20 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Experimental

Non-music and not noise at all, but 100% experimental music with high quality level. In fact this is electronic music but without a trace of rhythm or human voices. "Technotronic" sounds and effects, "cyborg" music, echoes, space sounds... these are the Sean Mc Morrow words used by hymself to told me and describe this recording from 2012, the debut of this couple formed by him and Bjorn Butler (another creative and original artist from the Australian scene). I think sadly It no left physical CD of this work, but you can write to the label "Virulent Rationality Records", maybe there they can make more copies. I personally like very much even the cover of the tape, very original and funny at the same time. I have doubts If I prefer this debut or the second recording entitled "Road Knight" but anyway both are very good. Highly recommended for everybody.
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"Road Knight"
Year:  2014
Country:   Australia
City:   Melbourne
Artist:   Sean McMorrow & Fjorn Butler
Artwork:   Fjorn Butler
Label:   Virulent Rationality rec.
Format:   cassette
Tracks:   6
Time:   27 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Experimental     Psychedelia      ¿Paranoid?

Sean Mc Morrow & Fjorn Butler are 2 young australian that in 2007 decided to abandone the conventional music to embrace the non-music in its derivates. Since then both have recorded together or individually or next to other people, under quite different names. For example Sean Mc Morrow (who comes from play hardcore and punk-rock music) have had b-side projects such as: Microvom , Radical Creation, Nihil Dwellers, Cervere, Pleasure Bros, Dry Mouth and more. Most of them very short lived and with only one recording (always in cassette format). Apart music, Mc Morrow run his own little and pride label  "Virrash Records" aka "Virulent Rationality Records", and has made and distribute 13 releases. About N3 WARRIORS, how can we describe it? very difficult task to do, no doubt, be cause we affraid there is no exact label, etiquette or adjective to do it. This is not noise but nor ambient. This is not free improvisation but has something to do. There are a lot of extrange experimentations.
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"Astral outback"
Year:   2014
Country:  Australia
City:   Melbourne
Label:   Virulent Rationality rec.
Format:   cassette
Edition:   limited
Tracks:   2 ( + 2 bonus tracks)
Time:   70
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Psychedelia    Noise    Space

NOISE project run by the experimentalist musicians Sean McMorrow and Cooper Bowman, who currently live in Melbourne (Australia). Sean McMorrow has his own label “Virulent Rationalility Records” and Cooper Bowman “Altered States Tapes”. With DRY MOUTH they have recorded a 60 minutes cassette and a vinyl ep limited to 150 copies. The band name calls to mind one of the worst symptoms of marijuana consumption, while the music itself calls to mind some of the better. Dry Mouth works at a slow, narcoleptic pace and with a freedom which recalls the blazed chain of visual associations staring at a wall after a casual arvo bong can elicit. If you think I’m taking the drug references too far with this one, get a load of the album art above (provided by the inimitable Christopher LG Hill). Both musicians continue to explore in the unlimited world of space, drone and ambient with this kind of taste which remind the 60s decade, the optimistic decade and the (why not) LSD and marihuana effects. They have recorded a cassette (tape) with 2 never ending tracks with a lot of effects retro-futurists like films from the 60s or even the 50s, very interesting, original and fun at the same time. In fact the own title of the cassette "Astral outback" show us the clear and certain intention of the duet: to create several and different atmospheres with a only one thing in common: to take us to the futurism, to the "open" space and also to the world of dreams that everyone of us has in. Very good work both, the tape and the vinyl.
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Picture of Cervere

"Interior larceny"
Year:   2013
Country:   Australia
City:   Melbourne
Label:   Virulent Rationality rec.
Format:   cassette
Tracks:   5
Time:   26 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:     Musique Concrète     Experimental

1 year ago (in 2012) I never had imaginated an album made with noises and strange sounds. But the impossible to imaginate is record fragments of sauvages animales and to use them as a sounds: tigers, jaguars, lions, hippos, etc. The atmosphere is totally magical, surreal and unreal, which draws a type of music that could be called as "dadaist", like those excentric paintings from the 20s and 30s. There is a kind of ambient or drone or even space, but is not all sinister or pervers. The music and the artwork of Sean McMorrow has nothing to do with typical (and almost mainstream) styles such: gore, terror, bondage, etc. but about surrealism, dadaism and imagination with no limits. In this section we reserve an enough space to Sean McMorrow, and here we will be adding reviews of his successive recordings, which are no doubt original over all.
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Here a nice panorama of Melbourne city (Australia).



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