Saturday, 12 April 2014


Year:    2014
Country:    US
City:    Fairfax , Virginia
Artist:    Eric Trude
Label:    Urgent Telepathy
Format:    CD
Tracks:    5
Time:    55 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Noise

"Urgent Telepathy Recordings" is an independent label created in february 2014, based in Cincinnati city and it has already made some releases in cd and tape format. The label has intention to work with extreme sounds like industrial, harsh noise and grindcore too. One of these artists / bands is Eric Trude STRESS ORPHAN, who comes from grindcore / crust scene until 2011, year which he decided to enter in the experimental music in its side more extreme, agressive and hurtful: harsh noise. Since then he has recorded several works in different formats but always in the same stylistic line. Despite the cover and back of "Advance" remeinds perhaps a martial industrial project, STRESS ORPHAN has nothing to do with this style. The opening "The Whore Loses a Kidney" amounts to a deep "drone noise wall" in which sounds – or even layers – develop to drive the track along. It’s almost a foreboding sound with the tension it creates letting you know something is coming and it’s a massive and dark sonic cloud. 5 tracks of total slow, sludge and doom harsh noise. Comparisons to several harsh noise projects and albums might be in order, although STRESS ORPHAN’s sound is bit slowier, more drone – not excessively so, but the use of harsh noise and low-fi elements distinguish it on ""Advance" are in very good balance. Not too much. Not too little. Is a good job If you like pure noise: not voice, not rhythm and in brief nothing which can to remind any kind of human intervention. I love this genre. And you?
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