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Year:    2018
Label:    Herbal International
Format:    digital
Tracks:    1
Time:    46 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Breakbeat             Experimental

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"industrial waste"
Year:   2018
Label:  Herbal International
Format:    digital
Tracks:    2
Time:    25 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Ambient

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"Tribute to Merzbow... on rare occasion"
Year:    2015
Country:    Malaysia
City:    Kuala Lumpur
Label:    Herbal
Format:    CD
Tracks:    1
Time:   120 min.
Genre:   electronic
Style:              Experimental              Noise

In very short time the experimental musician GOH LEE KWANG sent us to this web-zine three albums to comment, review, etc. The first was "Beautiful" which turned out to be a real hidden gemm and we fell in love at first listen. Shortly after we arrived "In Rotten Memories Vol​​.​​2" which is frankly very similar to "Beautiful", such is the similarity that seems a continuation of the same disc. By this we mean that the quality remains high and that the power of attraction is also the same. The only difference in any case is that this "Trinute to Merzbow" is a huge, colossal and almost pharaonic proportions work. No less than 2 hours from minimal ambient noise. But more often we hear the first or second album is almost impossible to say which is the best and which is our favorite. Perhaps to start listening to Goh would recommend "Beautiful" to be shorter, lightweight and easy to assimilate. But immediately after this serious and highly recommended. Anyway GOH LEE KWANG music shows maturity, years of work and painstaking work to convey a very special and original sensations, directly related to the concentration, meditation and calm. Very good work
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Year:   2014
Country:    Malaysia
City:    Kuala Lumpur
Label:    Herbal
Format:   CD
Tracks:  1
Time:    38 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:                Experimental               Noise

GOH LEE KWANG breakthrough the international art scene in early 21st century, he produced a wide variety of avant-garde, electronic & experimental arts. GOH LEE KWANG based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, performs & exhibits internationally at festival of contemporary art & music, and has released numerous recordings. In fact only about noise related he has already recorded 100 albums (!!) and I can tu assure no one is the same. Between such huge production of music, is really difficult to listen to all and after to choose your favourite, but I think don´t to be wrong If I affirm that this "Beautiful" is my favourite. My reasons to choose this one are frankly few and without any explanation. Sorry but Im not any Art expert and I like music, paintings or books according my first impresion and my personal taste, not according any art theory or such. The only thing I am not agree with GOH LEE KWANG is abouth the title of the disk: "Beautiful"... but this is just an very little detail without real importance. "Beautiful" is a physical disk that is not in one long 38-minute track, which I personally reminds me of someone ripping the image paper slowly. You can imagine the fact tear a sheet of plain paper over 38 minutes? It is incredible, difficult to explain and impossible to do. no? Well here the artist demonstrates how to master this "instrument" called "noise", minimize and simulate thin paper that tears a hyper-slow speed, idle ... for 38 minutes. Some find it stupid. Other nonsense. Others do not will understand. I personally do not understand, frankly, but is always necessary to understand anything in Art? not. Simply I like this album. I like very much and from here I recommended to listen to it, just few times... I think it will be enough to satisfy anybody who like noise and experimental music.
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"Around the world"
Year:    2014
Country:    Malaysia
City:    Kuala-Lumpur
Label:    Herbal International
Format:    net
Tracks:    1
Time:    50 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:              Experimental

Some parts of this world are just not very well known for experimental music, and Malaysia is no doubt one of them. From there comes a man, Goh Lee Kwang, who has already produced six albums and several tracks for compilations. He is also one of the founders of Experimental Musicians And Artists Cooperative Malaysia and has made music for theatre and visuals. His album presented here was recorded in Stuttgart in Germany and contains improvisations for a DJ mixer. "The line connection of 'output back to input', the electronic signal becomes audioable", I read on the press blurb, so I think it's another example of feedback treatments. It could have been a normal mixer too, as far as I'm concerned. That, maybe poor concept, aside, what I hear on this CD is also not sounding utterly fresh and new, but it's not bad either. Kwang stays firmly in his concept, but he somehow manages to produce an album that carries enough variation in it to be enjoyed throughout. Sometimes I think the stylus can be heard here and there, but maybe it's not. If Otomo Yoshihide is your man, maybe Goh Lee Kwang can be yours too. (*NOTE review written by Frans de Waard).
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"Metro pop"
Year:    2013
Country:     Malaysia
City:     Kuala Lumpur
Label:     Herbal rec.
Format:    CD
Tracks:   1
Time:    38 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:             Experimental             Noise

GOH  LEE  KWANG (family name Goh) is internationally recognized sound & new media artist from Malaysia. He has created sound installations, sonic-visual interactive installations, single channel video, multi-channels video, electro-acoustic improvised music performance, tape music, composition for radio broadcast and soundtrack for theater / dance / independent movie. Goh's works focus on the various possibility of both realistic & abstract, crossing the boundaries of digital & analog, electronic & acoustic, go beyond language, allowing audiences to experience the work directly, and in their own personal way. Most of his installation also operating interactively with the audience/ viewer.

Goh is the recipient of numerous awards & honors, including the Akademie Schloss Solitude Fellowship, Stuttgart, Germany in 2004 -2005, Klangraum Fellowship, Krems, Austria in 2006 & Künstlerhäuser Worpswede Fellowship 2008. Other short term Artist-In-Residency programs including KHOJ, New Delhi, India 2006; STEIM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2007; WORM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2007 & Green Papaya, Manila, Philipines 2007-2008.

Goh is currently the founder/ project manager of Herbal Project, organizing various events on experimental & electronic arts in the capital of his home country Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, including the monthly event "Switch ON" & many other independent concerts. Goh is also the founder of the experimental music label Herbal International & one of the founders of Experimental Artists Co-op Malaysia (EMACM). Herbal International released cd by Eric Cordier, Eric La Casa, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Cédric Peyronnet, Beequeen, Roel Meelkop, Sabine Ercklentz, Andrea Neumann, Jason Kahn, Zbigniew Karkowski & others. EMACM is a collaborative project dedicated to the facilitation, publication and exposure of creative & experimental works from the region.
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"Nerve center"
Year:    2002
Country:    Malaysia
City:     Kuala Lumpur
Label:     Herbal
Format:    CD
Tracks:    4
Time:    60 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:             Experimental

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