Friday, 13 June 2014


Year:    2014
Country:    Israel
City:    Tel-Aviv
Artist:    Michael Zolotov
Label:    Dead Mind
Format:    cassette
Tracks:    6
Time:    28 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Industrial            Spoken words

These are fragments taken from live collaboration (between Kadaver and Zyrtax) at the Hall of fame (Tilburg, Holland) in 2013 and after remixed together and remastered. So is a live and studio album, both concepts are right. Strictly musical these two musicians have made a work even more sinister, macabre and blackened than normal. It seem last year both artists had been thinking how to create and recorded the most macabre, sinister and chaotic noise for their public, having mostly produced his unique blend of "black noise" (and related styles) through the "sweet, fun and wonderful" dutch record label "Dead Mind Records". That said, it’s no surprise that "Mr. Kadaver" comes on the heels of the successful "Self destruction animal" on the label "Orgasmatron Records".  It’s also no surprise that "Mr. Kadaver" comes less than a year after the fact as well, considering the complexity of the music involved.  It certainly cannot be an easy task to masterfully craft his specific style of electronic noise music. The artwork has been created by long-time Dead Mind rec.-related artist, whose stylized version of Knight on the inner portion of the CD, perhaps especially because of the coloring, reminds large of black and red anarchism icnos.  So it seems, hidden away behind the various subgenres present in this album, there is a strong destructive, misantrop, noise to this release, though not necessarily in a goth aspect, but rather more in the industrial punk aesthetic.  The “fuck your rules, I’ll do it my way” aesthetic. In general is less agressive, hard and saturated than other recordings... so I personally prefer this one than the past works.
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"Self destruction ritual"
Year:    2013
Country:    Israel
City:    Tel-Aviv
Artist:    Michael Zolotov
Label:    Orgasmatrön
Format:    cassette
Tracks:    7
Time:    62 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Industrial            Spoken words

The musical career of Michael Zolotov within the noise and experimental music can not be summed up in 2 lines nor in 2 words. Zolotov began his experiments with noise and strange sounds in 2003, ie, more than a decade ago. So we are not dealing here with the typical young art student who made some noise recordings for 1 or 2 years, but with real and authentic passionate noise and industrial sounds. During his adolescence he grew up playing in doom and black-metal bands until he decided to go his own way and created his personal project named: KADAVER. Up to now he has already recorded 20 albums, 3 ep's and has collaborated on several projects and international compilations. Due to Israel being a small country with a small population, the experimental scene is also logically relatively small and limited, and therefore Zolotov has worked with most underground labels of that country and also with several others from foreign countries. Some of these labels are still active such as:  Tophet Prophet Records , Nuclear Noise Records , Apocalyptic Radio Records , The Eastern Front , Paranoise Records , Mask of the Slave Records and other already defunct like Red Bootkeh Records or Fractured Spaces Records. For this occasion, the latest KADAVER album was not released and distribute by a noise label but by an extreme metal label from Israel named: Orgasmatrön Records. Overall, this is really the culmination of many years of hard work, and sort of the epitome of the efforts of this project up to this point, going beyond the initial noise shock value and expanding further into the realms of performance art and sonic exploration. An incredibly developed and mature release that is oriented towards the presentation of the aesthetic aim of the project delivered in a manner that stands outside time and explores all angles of the terror of young bodies through a photographic lens. This lens only shows through the view of whoever sees what has been captured by the lens. In that moment of capture, something bright and intense is delivered in the form of energy, a momentary and fleeting explosion of spirit that is kept filed away for the reference of an uncaring and horror driven series of eyes, watching from all over the world. An important subject dealt with in a thoughtful and even sensitive manner. We can describe this album, this project, KADAVER , not as a harsh noise but as a kind of sinister, macabre and blackened harsh noise.
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"running with scissors"
Year:    2008
Counttry:    Israel
Artist:    Michael Zolotov
Label:    Skull Line
Format:    CD
Tracks:    9
Time:    50 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:            Industrial            Spoken words

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