Sunday, 22 June 2014


Year:    2016
Label:    HNW
Format:    digital
Tracks:    1
Time:    23 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:          Ambient Noise Wall

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Year:    2013
Country:    Italy
City:    Piemonte
Artist:    Joseph Szymkowiak
Label:    Nahàsh Atrym Prod.
Format:   digital
Tracks:    2
Time:    42 min.
Genre:    electronic
Style:          Ambient Noise Wall

Lorenzo Abbà is the musician behind NASCITARI from Piemonte (Italy), a noise project which its own author (Lorenzo) describes as a “Black Static Funeral Noise Wall”. This is a kind of very slow and deep HNW, close to ANW but more blackened and perhaps even a bit sinister, macabre or . The artist runs another b-side projects such as: Lorenzo Abattoir, Mare di Dirac, Necrostasi, Tomorrow i’ll shoot myself in the mouth… in different musical styles such as: musique concrète, field recordings, ambient, drone, etc. This record opens with a wall of dense and petrified sound which not excite me but in oppositte, cause in myself an effect very similar to a sleeping pill. Not suddenly but gradually increasing for a lot of minutes, the artist get to keep an atmosphere not ambient neither noise. It seem the artist manages to create and maintain for more than 20 minutes, a long and peaceful atmosphere of low, deep and dark noises which are very far from the stressing Industrial rhythms or the hurtful harsh noise. There are not Industrial sounds but elements linked to nature: the movement of tectonic plates, the beginning of a sleeping volcano or just a nice quiet fire, which anyone can get close to warm. The noise musician has finally left the chaotic and disorganized harsh noise, to impose his strength and control noise, to dose it in small amounts. I do not want to get into the absurd controversy about to named this style as a HNW or ANW. In my ears do not perceive the speed and fury of the storm HNW, quite the contrary, I am becoming more calm and relaxed. I think this is the paradox of ANW: cause and to provoke a wall of noise but at the same time you can not undermine but rather the oppositework I had heard other earlier NASCITARI works, but this is so far the best of all his discography definitely.    9 / 10
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